2014 Book Goal

Not quite a race, but still interesting.

Ileandra and Raven have decided pick twelve books each and review them throughout the year. The only restrictions are these:

Each of these books MUST be indie books
Each of these books MUST come from their preferred genre
Each of these books MUST be written by an author they have not read before

Told you it was interesting.

There will be reviews on each book they read using a five star scoring system with final scores averaged from scores under the following categories: cover, story, characters and overall experience. Find the reviews on the main blog as they are posted and here in an easy to find list.

The links made from author names will take you to where the book was found (probably Indie Author Land or Smashwords). The link under title will take you to the review on this blog. Enjoy.


new ileandra signature, Raven's Signature In Black






The Last Dragon Slayer

Martyn Stanley

Literal Fantasies

Alexandra Amalova


Fat Vampire

Johnny B Truant


Felicity Hunt


7 of 7 A Modern Day Fairy Tale

E Perkins

The Life of Pie

Susan Wandlass


The Unsuspecting Mage: The Morcyth Saga

Brian S. Pratt


Aubrey Ross



R Huffman

Mistress Maggie

Joscelyn Anne Hayes


Blood In The Paint

Jordanna East

Coming Home

M.A. Stacie



A.J. Malone

Pink Lace and Stolen Hearts

JC Wallace


Come Apart

Roger Colby

Holiday Submission

Marilyn Lakewood

September  A Princess Who Defied Kings  J Kirsch

Watching Sin

Lori King

October Disconnect: Book One of the Divided Worlds Trilogy Imran Siddiq

Tempt Me

Isabel Morin

November Ill Wind: A Caribbean Pirate Adventure (Valkyrie Series 2) Karen Perkins

Hooked (WET)

K. C. Falls

December Indomitable (The Push Chronicles, Book 1) JB Garner

Indecent (The Cage Sessions)

Skylar Cross

What do you think?

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