Our Books

It recently struck me that there’s no easy access to view all the books Ileandra and Raven have available, or the projects they are involved with. For shaaaaaaame! Without further ado, here is the selection, which includes books that are due for release over the coming months.

In each case, click the thumbnail to take you to a purchase or pre-order page (assuming it’s available). In the case of DSB, the last three items will take you to information/posts relevant to that heading.

Ileandra’s Releases

Silk Over Razor Blades CoverSaar’s Legacy, Book One
Silk Over Razor Blades
Saar’s Legacy, Book Two
Walking The Razor’s Edge
Saar’s Legacy, Book Three
On A Knife Point
(Out Spring 2016)
cover art for S1E1 ReunionDead And Alive, Season One
Episode One:
Dead And Alive, Season One
Episode Two: Date Night
Dead And Alive, Season One
Episode Three: Target Beta
Dead And Alive, Season One
Episode Four:
Out February 22 2016
Dead And Alive, Season One
Episode Five: Answers
Out April 22 2016
Dead And Alive, Season One
Episode Six: Crossroads
Out June 22 2016

Raven’s Releases

cover art for Vicki & Lara ebookVicki & Lara Carol, Niall & Lin ebook coverCarol, Niall & Lin Cover art for Bill, third in the Meeting Each Other SeriesBill
Eric & Morgan cover artEric & Morgan Simone & Mr Bradford CoverSimone & Mr Bradford cover for Malcolm short storyMalcolm
Meeting Each Other: The Full StoryMeeting Each Other: The Full Story Cover art for Slippers & Chains: Sugar DustSlippers & Chains: Sugar Dust second base cover artSlippers & Chains: Second BaseDust
Smexxy Snippets: In The Stationery Cupboard Smexxy Snippets: A Domme At The Club

Out January 15 2016

Smexxy Snippets: The Back Seat of My Sister’s Car

Out February 15 2016

Smexxy Snippets: Shh, The Kids Are Sleeping!

Out March 15 2016

Smexxy Snippets: In The Back Row of the Cinema

Out April 15 2016

Smexxy Snippets: Guess Who’s Coming For Dinner?

Out May 15 2016

Smexxy Snippets: Not Another Blind Date

Out June 15 2016

Smexxy Snippets: It’s Good To Share

Out July 15 2016

Smexxy Snippets: So . . . I Bought A New Toy

Out August 15 2016

Smexxy Snippets: Because Magic Is Sexy

Out September 15 2016

DSB’s Appearances

ff1Fab Fables #1 ff2Fab Fables #2 ff3Fab Fables #3
ff4Fab Fables #4 ff5Fab Fables #5  And so on . . .
Joined Up Writing Podcast openclipart - realistic green pencilCreative Frontiers Anthology CoverPhoenix Square Anthology