2012 Word Count

So… you may think I’m crazy, but I am going to give it a go. I’m serious. I have a word count goal for 2012 which I talked about right at the beginning of the year and I’ve every intention of reporting on my progress every week.

My goal works out to 300,000 words over the course of the year. Which is:

  • 25,000 words each month.
  • 5,769 words each week (give or take)
  • 820 words each day

Also, since I don’t want to just include anything here, these word counters will only include my creative writing:

  • Posts written for The Ice Wolf Tavern (#TIWT on Twitter)
  • 1st drafts, including:
    • Flash fiction
    • Novellas
    • Novels
  • 100 word micro fiction for Phoenix Writers
  • Posts to this blog
  • Fiction Fragments… this is new, but will include anything I write on the move (at work, at Neros etc)

Month By Month Word Count

Month January February March April May June
Word Count 30,158 25,910 26,006 23,371 3,567 19,183
Month July August September October November December
Word Count 17,470 17,202 19,223 10,346 15,204 7,696

Year to date word count2012 Final Word Count

Funky thermometer images kindly provided by ‘Free fundraiser thermometer.’
For your original fund raisers (never mind that its counting words for me rather than pounds, lol).

And there we have it! My 2012 ends with a massive 216,118 words written. This doesn’t include any work in editing or second/third drafts. I… I didn’t expect that! 72% of my target completed in spite of new additions to the family and several dry spells. Yey me! ^_^