Ileandra’s Other Works

In my early days of writing, the words just poured out of me. Prolific isn’t even the word. Since then, however, I’ve grown, priorities have changed and my immediate family unit has expanded to include twin boys. Time to sleep is precious. Time to write is hard to come by.

However there are many projects that, as time goes on, I will return to and finish. This list, as much as to tell you what I’ve been up to, is to remind me of all the ideas I’ve had in the past that excite me. And to ensure that I don’t forget to return to them. These are stories that I need to tell. And I will.

One at a time.

Novels In Completed Drafts

Works In Progress (novels and/or novellas)

  • Twins – 28,236 words to date
  • Mathias – 15, 246 words to date
  • Trya’s Tale – 987 words to date
  • The Affair – 22,468 words to date

Short Stories

  • The Death And Rebirth Of Diavian Hatara – RPG/TIWT
  • The Chapters of Ileandra Young – RPG/TIWT
  • Trya’s Tale _ RPG/TIWT
  • A New Love – Yaoi (birthday gift for a friend)
  • Watching You – Yaoi
  • At The Midnight Hour – Yaoi
  • A Wistful Short – Love story
  • A More Recent Wistful Short – Love story
  • Should Anything Happen To Me – Angst
  • The Dead Tree – Children’s story
  • Letters – Angst
  • The Perfect Love Story – Children’s Story
  • The Model – Self growth story
  • The Tunnel – horror
  • The Box – thriller
  • The First Time – Yuri
  • Truth Seeking – Yuri
  • What The Blind Man Saw – Fiction Press project
  • ‘The Girl And The Bloke’ – Fiction Press project
  • Where Will It Stop, Nobody Knows – Fiction Press Project
  • When Trouble Brings – FanFiction Project
  • Bumps In The Night – Fiction Press project

Other Projects

  • Silk Over Razor Blades Trailer – script for a film-style trailer to publicise the book
  • HouseMates – sitcom, currently with six complete episodes and a seventh in the works

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