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Both Raven and Ileandra spend more time than they should reading other blogs and finding useful titbits of information. More often than not they promise to tell you all about it and then forget to do so because… well… life is busy.

This page is designed to take care of that; clustering posts from various blogs under a series of sensible headings to make a reference point (for you and them).


About Writing

Jami Gold – How To Punch Up A Blurb or Query
With some great tips form Julie Glover, hosted by Jami Gold, learn what tricks to use to spice your blurb to reel in readers within a couple of sentences.

Shelf Publishing – Writer’s Rules #4 Accepting Judgement
Judgement helps us grow, be it good or bad, positive or negative. Learn to take it on board (or choose to ignore it) and use it to help you grow.

4amwriter – Building My Brand
The importance of understanding your brand.

Write It Sideways – How To Read Your Way To Better Writing
Do readers really make good writers?

First Draft Cafe – 6 Things A Writer Should Do Now
Six great points that all writers should be taking heed of.

Writing Is Hard Work – Hubris: How To Write Great Villains Into Your Novel
Exactly what it says on the tin; things to consider when crafting your villain.

Kristen Lamb – The Key Ingredient for Dramatic Tension–Understanding the Antagonist
Its important to understand what makes the antagonist of your novel, be it a person, an idea or a thing.

The Trials of the Amateur Writer – Short Story vs. Full Novel
So what is the difference?

Kristen Lamb – Common Writing Blunders That Can Annoy Or Bore Our Readers
Things I hadn’t thought of, but, in truth, can and do annoy me when I’m reading.

Writerlicious – Exploring Evernote As A Tool For Writers
Another (free) handy piece of software with which to organise oneself.

About Editing
Descent Into Slushland – Editing Tips From A Real Editor
Videos for a great set of editing tips.

Write It Sideways – Get Thee To An Editor! 7 Reasons You Need One
Things to consider when decided whether or not you really do need an editor.

Writing Is Hard Work – 5 Editing Strategies For The Self Published Novelist
Another great set of editing tips from Roger!

Nail Your Novel – Free Indirect Deep Point of View – Two Ways to Get Closer To Your Main Character
Handy ways to get into your character’s head when using a third person narrative.

About Blogging
Kristen Lamb – WANA Commons – Beautiful Blog Images Without The Worry
Members of MyWANA band together to provide images via communal Creative Commons (BRILLIANT idea)

Roni Loren – Bloggers Beware: You CAN Get Sued For Using Pics on Your Blog – My Story
Roni’s story about using pictures; take heed!

Jennifer M Eaton – Bloggers Beware – You Can Get Sued For Using Pics On Your Blog
Follow up from Jennifer referring to Roni’s case.

Writerland – Where To Get Photos For Your Blog
Excellent post on free (and royalty free) areas of the net to get photos/pictures for your blog

About Submitting/Querying
Nagivating The Slush Pile – Its Not Me, Its You
Why some queries get rejected and how you can help yours stand up above the rest!

Descent Into Slushland – Query Help And Links
A fantastic list of help and pointers when it comes to querying.

The Knight Agency – The Last Pass: Preparing Your Manuscript for Submission
A little list of things to check before you go ahead and hit ‘submit.’

About Self Publishing
Nail Your Novel – Why do Authors Get Treated So Badly?
Are authors really the drama queens they are made out to be?

Kana’s Chronicles – YOUR Advice? Self Publishing vs. Traditional
Fantastic post opening discussion on the pros and cons of either method of publishing.

Jordanna East – QR Codes Decoded
A brilliant little ‘how to’ on how to attach a file to a QR code. Yes, it CAN be done. ^_^

About Networking
Kana’s Chronicles – Blogging Tech-Tips: Growing a Readership
So how do you draw people to your blog? You could try a few of these tips….

Ann R. Allen’s Blog – Why You Should Ignore Most of the Advice from your Critique Group…but They Can Help You Anyway
A helpful (and funny) run down of some of the pitfalls of critique groups and how they can be used to your advantage regardless.

Writers Helping Writers – 5 Steps To Find Your Book’s Ideal Audience
Just how do you find the people who want to read what you’ve written? Here are some brilliant tips. 🙂

Author/Editor/Agent Interviews
Laura Stanfill – Interview: Angela Ackerman Discusses ‘Show Don’t Tell,’ the Writing Community and How to Build Your Blog
A good ‘all rounder’ interview including many points of interest.

Great Discussions
The Writing of a Wisoker on the Loose – Gender, Gender, Who’s On First?
Another of those great posts about diversity, this time focused on gender. Join the discussion!

Writing Tips
Limebird Writers – Comma ‘gain?
So just where does that comma go, anyway? Find out here!

Descent Into Slushland – The Writer’s Diet
Talk of a cool little tool to give your writing a bit of a workout.

Kristen Lamb’s Blog – Les Edgerton Shows How to Write Amazing Dialogue–Part 1
Les Edgerton Shows How to Write Amazing Dialogue–Part 2
Fantastic (and amusing) tips on dialogue

Limebird Writers – Dear You
You are not alone, honest.

Writing: A Conversation Without Interruptions – Make Your Own Porn Star
Its something everyone needs to know how to do… :p

@GrumpyComments – King Of The Freaking Toilets
Its just… funny!

@Grumpy Comments – I nicknamed my testicles ‘Scooby Door’ and ‘Old Yeller’, because nothing spices up foreplay like saying “Release the hounds!”
I just… what can I say…? ^_^

Just Freakin’ Cool
@GrumpyComments – Conversations with Ian – The Molecule and The Water

With thanks to the following awesome bloggers who feature in this list with their informative, thought provoking, humorous or downright weird posts!
Brian Taylor
BW Taylor
Erin Brady Pike
Felix O’Shea
Jennifer M Eaton
Jonathan A Garrett
Kathryn Johnston
Kana Tyler
Kristen Lamb
Laura Stanfill
Leona Wisoker
Meghan Ward
Maria Smith
Philip Bradbury
Roger Colby
Roni Loren
Roz Morris
Susan Bearman
Vickie Motter

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