About Raven Shadowhawk (RS)

By Michael Garran…

Back again. Nice.

I’ve been dragged in to update my piece on Raven so I guess I’d better start at the top.

Raven and Ileandra are the same person. You knew that, right? The best example I can give you is Jekyll and Hyde, though there are no nasty, greasy monsters with bad breath to worry about. Just one woman, with two names and a penchant for confusing civilians.

Got it?


Specific to Raven; she writes the kink. The smut. The porn. Whatever you want to call it.
RS profile with horned shadowIf you want to know ‘normal’ stuff about Raven, you’d better have a look at Ileandra’s page. It still applies, though specific to Raven, there’s a few more facts I can squeeze out.

Raven likes:

  • Well written erotica
  • Kinky porn
  • Strong female characters kicking the bejesus (they made me promise not to swear, okay?) out of strong male characters
  • That stupid S&M song by Rhianna
  • ‘Tasteful’ tattoos… whatever the hell that means. Tasteful. Pfft.
  • Long hair on men (lucky me)

Raven dislikes:

  • Bees and wasps… insects in general
  • Baggy clothing
  • 50 Shades of Grey (don’t even mention those damn books unless you want your head bitten off)
  • Reality television
  • Running
  • Organised religion

Raven wants:

  • World peace (so she assures me)
  • DnD (or other roleplay games) taught in schools as a means of life coaching
  • Free and 24/7 access to the bedrooms of Kenneth Branagh, Bradley Cooper, Shaun Hutson, Halle Berry and Benedict Cumberbatch (don’t ask me, she’s one weird chick)
  • More clothes from this store

There. I think that’s as much damage as I can do in one night.

What do you think?

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