I might have previously mentioned that I’m a Radio DJ. Unfortunately, changing times, priorities and responsibilities has put paid to one of my shows, however information on both can still be found below.

Radio ILL-LAY Duuuuuuuuuuuuude!!! – CURRENTLY OFF AIR
Radio ILL-LAY photoHumbly begun in Spring 2010, this show has run live every Sunday come rain or shine (unless a LARP got in the way). Previously broadcast through SHOUTcast and now through Spreaker, I run themed shows with a high element of listener interactivity. The show is primarily a request show, meaning that my playlist is built from the conversations and murmurings of those listening. Shows that do not have a theme at the outset will begin with no set playlist and grow over the course of two hours covering various topics of interest to me and to the listeners; anime, roleplay, TV, books, film, cinema, games… anything you care to think of.

The show also has a Facebook presence which enables listeners to stay on top of what is happening on the show through its wall, discussion board and status updates. I’m sure you know what to do with this button:
Like Radio ILL-LAY on FacebookThere is also a page for the show which can be found on Spreaker. Here you will find all the shows recorded since March 30 2011. On this page you will also have the chance to ‘follow’ me as a Radio DJ or any of my individual shows.



Ileandra and Miranda @ DemonFM (Illy & Miri)
Ileandra and MirandaUnfortunately, this show is no longer on air. My good friend Miranda and I have had to say a sad goodbye to the team at DemonFM to pursue other odds and sods important in our lives. However, tales of our exploits are still visible on the website.

We can still be found on Facebook if you would like to talk to us:
Friend us on Facebook…and, though it will no longer be updated, the show’s blog is still available here:
Demon FM Blog