Ileandra’s Excerpts

Hi, Ileandra here! Thought you might be curious to read excerpts of available novels and/or works in progress. I’ll be adding more as time goes on but, for now, here is a brief line or two about what each story is about and a link to take you to the excerpt in question.


Silk Over Razor Blades (Saar’s Legacy #1) – out now
‘Lenina Miller, ditsy and pampered bride to be, wants nothing more than to walk down the aisle in her scandalous red dress to the gasps and awed stares of friends and family. Her plans are shattered when a late night mugging not only scars her face and neck, but drops her in the centre of a frenzied police investigation to apprehend the attacker before he strikes again.’

Walking The Razor’s Edge (Saar’s Legacy #2) – current work in progress
‘The story continues; now understanding the truth of her bloodline, Lenina Miller must use her new vampire skills to help continue her normal life. Red Fang, however, have other ideas; drawing her into a web of blood, kidnap and ancient history they force Lenina to a revelation that will change her life forever.’

On A Knife Point (Saar’s Legacy #3) – first draft only
‘Following the events following Lenina’s Kiss, she faces not only a furious and volatile Red Fang, but an ancient, 2,000 year old vampire who has more than a little to say about the current state of affairs. With her new werewolf allies Lenina must fight back against Red Fang and make a choice that will affect not only her, but vampires across the entire world.’

Clash Of The Animal Kings – first draft only
‘Michelle is homeless. She has lived on the streets as long as she remember, living off the kindness of strangers. Just as she hunkers down in a shop doorway for yet another night, she is accosted a man who names himself only as Eli. He offers her a hot meal, a substantial amount of money and a warm bed for a single price… that she spend the night with him.’

The Affair – first draft only
‘Scott wakes the morning after his affair with the beautiful and enigmatic Marie, to a hotel room covered in blood. As he scours Paris to find the object of his mind-numbing infatuation, he realises that Marie has left marks on him far more obvious and permanent than guilt and love-sweat. That night, as he watches the moon rise, he transforms into a werewolf; a painful and shocking transition that leaves him weak and frightened. An encounter with the local werewolf pack soon leads Scott to realise that Marie’s problems are more serious than he thought and that they are now his problems too.’

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