The 2014 Word Count Race

It’s a race!

That’s right, Ileandra and Raven are racing each other to be first to hit this year’s target of 150,000 words written. Tense right?

Don’t worry though, they are still working together, the overall goal is a total of 300,000 words.

Think they can do it?

This challenge is much like the last one in that only certain things are included.

  • Blog posts (including reviews)
  • First drafts (short stories, novellas, flash fiction, novels, etc)
  • Letters
  • Articles
  • Commissions

Creative and money earning writings count towards the score, but not anything that is a rewrite or editing. Unless the re-write is significant of course (in excess of 1,000 words).

Keep your eye on this page to see how they’re getting on.

Ileandra’s Word Count

Ileandra's Word Count

Raven’s Word Count

Raven's Word Count

Combined Word Count
…at year end: 31 December 2014

Total Word Count For The Year

This year we’ll be using awesome counters from Writertopia who have kindly made them free to use. Nice, right? ^_^