Raven’s Excerpts

Hey, this is Raven. My excerpts aren’t live yet but they will be shortly. Until then enjoy some blurbs.
Meeting Each Other Series: Vicki & Lara (on sale now)
‘For the first time in years, Vicki has managed to throw a birthday party that did not end in tears or arrests. Now, very much in need of bed, she returns to her room for a rest. Unfortunately her best friend Lara is already there, cuddled beneath the sheets naked as the day she was born. Still reeling from the breakup with her boyfriend, Vicki looks at her friend and sees something more. But can she take that all important next step in her relationship with Lara?’

Meeting Each Other Series: Carol, Niall & Lin
‘Sometimes relationships can get old and boring. Wanting to add some spice to their ten-year relationship, Carol and Niall invite Lin to join them at Vicki’s birthday party. When the guests have departed and their host has retired to bed the time has come to get down and dirty. But now the moment has come, can Carol really share her boyfriend with another woman? Does she even want to?’

Slippers & Chains: Part One – Sugar Dust
‘Karen doesn’t like her in-laws. They don’t like her either. Dan is afraid that he isn’t doing enough to secure his relationship with his girlfriend. Normal problems, normal couple… except for the fact that theirs is a relationship based on BDSM. Dan, as Master, decides that the only way he can reassure Karen that he is unmoved by the opinions of his mother is to take her to Sugar Dust; an expensive and exclusive BDSM club. The club is a dream come true, but when Karen comes face to face with an old ex of Dan’s she must decide, once and for all, if she trusts him as much as she says she does, as his submissive.’

Raven’s Diary: The New Pet
‘Being a good girl always brings pleasant rewards. Tonight Master has brought Raven her very own pet to play with and break in. He leaves them in the bedroom to amuse themselves and Raven must first decide if she wants to use the whips, the flogs or the ropes. So much choice… so little time.’

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