2012 Book Goal

I know it was ages ago that I talked about this, but its taken me some time to decide how I wanted this page to look. In the end, because I’m using a WordPress Theme, I am a little restricted, so I thought; ‘what the hell!’ 🙂

So, like I said at the beginning of the year, there are a load of books I want to read. And I have a little goal in that regard; 24 new authors and 24 new books, counted separately!

I would list my progress so far by month, but that runs the risk of getting tedious (and I’m already doing something similar with my word count goal) so I’ve decided to put them all into a table which I’ll add to as I continue reading and at the end of the year I’ll tot it all up. This table will include novels, novellas and short stories (since I read LOADS of each these days) but its mainly novels I’m interested in, so I’ll mark those with a * to make it plain. The rest you can assume are less than the traditional 50k words.

Also, its worth mentioning, its very tempting to use this table as a means to record more detail, like genre or ‘star rating’ but that’s not the purpose of this page, so I’m very strictly keeping myself to the bare details below. If you want more detail, I’ve linked the titles below to the book reviews I’ve done, so you can get an idea there of what I thought of it.
Seem fair? Fab!

Then, in no particular order (since that’s far too much effort), here we go:

Books I’ve Read (And Counting…!)

No.# Author Book Title Physical/eBook? New Read? Y/N
1 Kyell Gold Gold Standard eBook Y
2 J L Merrow Pricks And Pragmatism eBook Y
3 Shaun Hutson *Assassin Physical Book N
4 Douglas Daniel Diggers eBook Y
5 Armistead Maupin *Tales Of The City Physical Book Y
6 Armistead Maupin *More Tales Of The City Physical Book Y
7 Armistead Maupin *Further Tales Of The City Physical Book Y
8 Armistead Maupin *Babycakes Physical Book Y
9 Armistead Maupin *Significant Others Physical Book Y
10 Armistead Maupin *Sure Of You Physical Book Y
11 Armistead Maupin *Michael Tolliver Lives Physical Book Y
12 Armistead Maupin *Mary-Anne In Autumn Physical Book Y
13 D H Starr *Wrestling With Love eBook Y
14 Joseph Lallo *The Book of Deacon eBook Y
15 Jenna Byrnes And Jude Mason Willing And Able eBook Y
16 Lorelei James Slow Ride eBook Y
17 Taylor Tryst Seduced By Blood eBook Y
18 Vivian Arend, Lexxie Couper & Jess Dee Exotic Indulgence eBook Y
19 C B Ryder Don’t Stop eBook Y
20 Darren G Burton Sex Stalker eBook Y
21 Mark Billingham *Bloodline Physical Book Y
22 Shaun Hutson *Epitath Physical Book Y
23 Graham Joyce *Indigo Physical Book Y
24 Kathryn Stockkett *The Help Physical Book Y
25 PC Cast *House Of Night 2: Betrayed eBook Y
26 PC Cast *House Of Night 3: Chosen eBook Y
27 PC Cast *House Of Night 4: Untamed eBook Y
28 PC Cast *House Of Night 5: Hunted eBook Y
29 PC Cast *House Of Night 6: Tempted eBook Y
30 PC Cast *House Of Night 7: Burned eBook Y
31 Joseph Lallo *The Great Convergence eBook Y
32 J.R. Rain *Moon Dance (Vampire For Hire #1) eBook Y
33 Joseph Lallo *The Battle Of Verril eBook Y
34 Daphne du Maurier *Rebecca eBook Y
35 Joseph Lallo *Jade eBook Y
36 E.L. James *Fifty Shades Of Grey eBook Y
37 E.L. James *Fifty Shades Darker eBook Y
38 E.L. James *Fifty Shades Freed (unfinished) eBook Y
39 Graeme Reynolds *High Moor eBook Y
40 Jack London *Call Of The Wild eBook Y
41 George R R Martin *A Game Of Thrones Physical Book Y
42 Roz Morris Nail Your Novel eBook Y
43 George R R Martin *A Clash Of Kings Physical Book Y
44 Richelle Mead *Vampire Academy: Blood Promise Physical Book Y
45 Karin Slaughter *Kisscut Physical Book Y
46 Elizabeth Haynes *Into The Darkest Corner Physical Book Y
47 Roger Colby *This Broken Earth: The U.S. of After eBook Y
48 William Golding *The Lord Of The Flies eBook Y
49 S J Watson *Before I Go To Sleep Physical Book Y
50 Suzanne Collins *The Hunger Games Physical Book Y
51 Suzanne Collins *Catching Fire Physical Book Y
52 Suzanne Collins *Mockingjay Physical Book Y
53 Michael Kelly The Woods Physical Book Y
54 Joe Hill & Stephen King Throttle Physical Book Y
55 Barbara Roden Out And Back Physical Book Y
56 Ramsey Campbell Respects Physical Book Y
57 Simon Strantzas Cold To The Touch Physical Book Y
58 M.R. James & Reggie Oliver The Game Of Bear Physical Book Y
59 Chris Bell Shem-el-Nessim An Inspiration In Perfume Physical Book Y
60 Michael Marshall Smith What Happens When You Wake Up In The Night Physical Book Y
61 Nicholas Royle The Reunion Physical Book Y
62 Simon Kurt Unsworth Mami Wata Physical Book Y
63 Richard Christian Matheson Venturi Physical Book Y
64 John Gaskin Party Talk Physical Book Y
65 Terry Dowling Two Steps Along The Road Physical Book Y
66 Mark Valentine The Axholme Toll Physical Book Y
67 Robert Sherman Granny’s Grinning Physical Book Y
68 Rosalie Parker In The Garden Physical Book Y
69 Stephen Volk After The Ape Physical Book Y
70 Briam Lumley The Nonesuch Physical Book Y
71 Michael Kelly Princess Of The Night Physical Book Y


New Authors

Kyell Gold JL Merrow Douglas Daniel
Armistead Maupin DH Starr Joseph Lallo
Jenna Byrnes & Jude Mason Lorelei James Taylor Tryst
Vivian Arend, Lexxie Couper & Jess Dee CB Ryder Darren G Burton
Mark Billingham Graham Joyce Kathryn Stockett
J.R. Rain Daphne du Maurier E. L. James
Graeme Reynods Jack London George R R Martin
Roz Morris Richelle Mead Karin Slaughter
Elizabeth Haynes Roger Colby William Golding
S J Watson Suzanne Collins Michael Kelly
Joe Hill & Stephen King Barbara Roden Ramsey Campbell
Simon Strantzas M.R. James & Reggie Oliver Chris Bell
Michael Marshall Smith Nicholas Royle Simon Kurt Unsworth
Richard Christian Matheson John Gaskin Terry Dowling
Mark Valentine Robert Sherman Rosalie Parker
Stephen Volk XXX XXX

Total To Date: 46

Complete! Talk about a major year for reading!
Granted, the last section of the table are entries from an anthology, but it’s still a hell of a lot more than I thought I’d be able to read this year. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself and have every intention of continuing to expand my repertoire but reading in and around my favoured genre. Wish me luck! ^_^