Walking The Razor’s Edge

Next in the ‘Saar’s Legacy’ trilogy is ‘Walking The Razor’s Edge’ following directly from the events of Silk Over Razor Blades.

I’m currently editing this novel and looking at a release date somewhere in November 2015. All being well I’ll soon be updating this page with cover art and a final excerpt. For now, here is a section of one of the opening chapters. ^_^

Instead of answering, Trent climbed into the van. He did it slow, one hand extended in front of him, the other clutching a short syringe filled with clear fluid. “No clue here, girlie.” He inched forward again. “Not my job to worry about humans. Fetch you, that’s all I was told.” Another inch.

She lunged at him, her fingertips grazing the side of his face as he threw himself backwards. He landed in the road, the syringe flying from his grip and rolling away.

“You killed an innocent man. You’re a monster.”

Fire burned through her insides. It seared away the last few cobwebs fogging her brain and left everything hard and clear as crystal.

To the side, Shawn cursed and scrambled away on his hands and knees towards the rear of the van. When she faced him, he crossed himself with his bound hands. “What are you?” he whispered. “I thought I saw- before, but I thought I made it up. But I didn’t. What’s wrong with your face?”

No need to feel for the changes, Lenina knew her fangs were exposed. That meant her eyes were black, whites and irises blanked out by inky darkness.

His face was slack with fear, skin ashen, breathing rushed and unsteady. In that moment, though there were no similarities between them at all, Lenina was reminded heavily of Nick.

No . . . I’m the monster.

She slumped to her knees. “I’m god-touched.” The confession was the tiniest of whispers. Then, spying his blank look, she added, “Vampire.”

“Excuse me?” Shawn’s voice rose several octaves.

“I’m a vampire. Red Fang is an organisation of vampires. They want me because . . .” She sighed. “Too much right now. I’m sorry you got caught up in this.”

Trent stood. Brushed down his clothes. After a long stare into the back of the van he retrieved the fallen syringe and tossed it in. It landed near Lenina’s foot and rolled past her, coasting to a stop near Shawn’s knee. “Stick that in her so we can go.”

Silence filled the van.

“What?” The officer stared at the syringe as though it were about to grow teeth and bite him.

“Ain’t no way I’m coming in there if she can metabolise this stuff that fast. She shouldn’t even be awake let alone tearing up my flooring. You stick her so we can keep moving.”

“Didn’t you just hear her? She’s a vampire.”

Trent chuckled. “Worse things out there than blood suckers, boy.” The words were no sooner from his mouth than his eyes flickered to gold. He held out his hand and shook them slightly. Five long claws extended from his fingernails, sharp and black and hard. “Much, much worse.”

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