NaNoWriMo 2011

Wednesday 30 November 2011 – Victory!
So… that’s two of my three goals achieved!
1) achieve the 50k words
2) beat last year’s word count!

Next year I’m totally going to slap the hell out of goal number three which is actually finish the novel in 30 days. I’m close now, so very close, but I still think I have another 10k to go at the rate I’m going.
A shame because I’m going to need to put it to one side to meet the 15 Dec deadline for some other work I have. But I can get back to it afterwards I suppose.
Anyway… YEY! Go National Novel Writing Month!!!

fundraiser ideas
Funky thermometer image provided by ‘Free fundraiser thermometer.’ For your original fund raisers (never mind that its counting words for me rather than pounds, lol).
Oh yes and don’t forget to check out my NaNo Profile.

Tuesday 29 November 2011 – Sad face
So close! So close but, alas, unless I don’t go to work tomorrow I’m not going to finish this novel by tomorrow night.
Its such a shame; all those lazy days have really caught up to me and bitten me on the ass. *sigh*
Guess that will learn me; I’ll try again next year.
To actually finish writing a novel in 30 days is my goal, not so much the 50k word count. I seem to be able to do that in 15 days (no braggin) so that’s not really a challenge any more. The real challenge is completing the novel.
Then again… who says I need to wait until next year?
~not to poo-poo what I’ve done – or what anybody else has done! – by the way! I’m still mega proud and pleased with progress, every damn participant should be! The story has taken shape in a way I never imagined it could when I wrote up that creepy dream and I’ll be thrilled to get it finished. I just wonder how long it will take since I have another project due on Dec 15. O.o

Thursday 24 November 2011 – Reality Check
Yeah; I’m not going to get to 100k. Yes, Its good to push myself but I’m not going to do that for two reasons. 1) I really don’t feel this story has that much of a run in it and 2) its not realistic or a sensible goal for this point in my life.
However… I have every intention of beating last year’s word count which was something in the region of 71k.
One might say its a bit of a cop out to drop the target so much, but not only is 80k more realistic, but I feel that the whole novel will benefit from this decision when I come back to edit it.
So there! :p

Tuesday 22 November 2011 – Wheeee!
Well after several days of not dong anything (I’m such a BUM sometimes) I feel like I’m back on track. My story has a long way to go so its not even about the word count any more. There’s more I want to say.
If I don’t manage it before Nov 30, then I’ll still keep up my counter here, so you can see how I’m getting on; I’ll just move it to another place on the site so its not so much centre stage any more.
But I’m very pleased with progress; ooooooh yes I am!

Tuesday 15 November 2011 – Word Count Hit!!!
Yep… I’m there at 50,325! Thrilled. In pain – finger hurty!!! – but very very happy!
And the best part is, there’s more of the story to go! I’ve made enough changes in my head that some things that were going to happen are not, but that still gives me something in the region of 30k words more to play with. HAHA!
So… in case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve changed to thermometer below to indicate my next target. *snerk* Now I don’t think, necessarily that I need to get to 100,000 words, but if I do I won’t complain. More than that, if gives me more material to work with when I go back and edit the piece.
I’m not going to draw it out without reason though.
There will still be updates as I progress (NaNoWrMo is not over, not by a long shot!) and hopefully, by November 30, I’ll have a completed novel to tell you all about! ^_^

Sunday 13 November 2011 – Picking It Back Up
Well that’s nice. I feels loads better about where I am and how the story is progressing. Now its much, much clearer where I’m headed.
Lol, it only took me a fortnight and 40k words to understand what the hell my plot is about, right?
Hehee, well in terms of the story I think I’m at the half way point now, so, just like last year, hitting 50k (which seems all the more realistic a possibility these days) will not be the end of my story. Clash made it to 87k ish or something like that, but because of the slow start, I don’t imagine it will be long before I pass that with this piece
I’m actually looking forward to the editing part now, too! Looking back I can see holes that I know to fill and bumps I know how to smooth out, so I’m looking forward to the chance to do it! But let’s not jump ahead; I’ve got to finish first.

Tuesday 8 November 2011 – Pleasant Surprise
Well bugger me; I passed the half way point. Lush! ^_^
And I seem to be back on track, which is nice. Thank you Pappa Zombie for reminding me how simple it can be to ‘start from the end and work back.’
Not that that’s what I’ve done exactly; but everything I wrote before today is plot exposition which, instead of leaving in chunks at the front, I’m going to distribute through the novel as I go (when I get into second draft). But that’s why I found it so hard to go on… because… for want of a better word; I was bored with it!
Now I can get on with the real story which should keep the worlds flowing as easily as last year.
Fingers crossed, eh?

Monday 7 November 2011 – Despair
Oh god. It happened over night, I swear it did.
I hate what I’ve written. All of it! I just hit a point about two minutes ago where my brain went ‘screw it, this is all rubbish.’
That’s why its so hard to get these words down; its never been like this before. But seriously… I don’t like it. Any of it. Well… maybe the characters, but the plot is weak, and I can’t get a feel for where I’m taking it any more.
Its only been a week!
Lord… I need to find me a serious pep talk… super quick otherwise I’m not going to make it. 😦

Sunday 6 November 2011 – 1:06am
My head hurts. Seriously… what was I thinking?! What the hell made me think it was a good idea to have a character pop up that only speaks in rhyme?! *whimper*
I’m shit at this; I always have been and no matter what I do, when I write a fantasy piece, one of the racial types speaks in rhyme and I always end up taking it out when I edit.
Well not this time… no defeat on this score! I’m going to stick it out and make these damn elves speak in rhyme all the way through! Even if it kills me, which it probably may. o.O
On the bright side, my throat feels way better, my cold is easing off (touch wood) and I’ve hit the 15k mark. That’s like… 30% of the novel done already. Crickey.
The primary character is still a baby! I need to hurry things along. ^_^

Wednesday 2 November2011 – *sniffle whimper*
I have a cold. Again. -_-
Sucks ass, but I can’t explain how wonderful it is that I have a laptop. I’ve just done my usual evening catch up on things like blog and email and now I can write. But I don’t have to be in the study to do it; I can do it here, from my bed, in my nightdress with the duvet right up to my chest and under my chin. I must look a right sight!
Its not going to stop me though; I want to get at least my 1,667 words down before I pass out tonight. I need to tell more of Florain’s back story and introduce more of the horror of Richard and Melissa’s past.
Bring it on!

Tuesday 1 November 2011 – Go, Go, Go! 00:05am
Just to explain, this page will now be the home page for this website, just while NaNoWriMo 2011 is in play. Once its over, I’ll revert back to normal settings, but this way, all of you can see what’s going on.
Well… let’s get started!
Mwa ha ha ha haaa hah a hah hah ah ahaaaaaaaaa!

Monday 31 October 2011 – Count Down 11:21pm
I must be insane. Like… really! But I’ve just gotten out of bed. As it I went to bed at 8pm this evening to get some sort of sleep in and then got back up with intent to write. That’s crazy right?
I work full time. My hours are 9-5. I have every reason to be a little tired and worn right now, but I’m staying up anyway to write a novel which I’m only half sure I can get to the end of.
Yep… definitely crazy!
Aaah well; off to Twitter and NaNoWriMo to talk to the other crazy people. ^_^

Sunday 30 October 2011 – Trepedation
I updated my NaNo Profile today. Just a little bit more information about me and finally managed to get a picture up too. Far more organised than last year. *huff huff* I still feel sick. Like I’m not ready, or I’m unprepared, or that I just don’t have what it takes to churn out the words like I did last year.
Lord… I hope this feeling clears by Monday night.
I’m planning a midnight start. A nap in the afternoon after work, and then getting up again to write for an hour maybe two when the clock hits midnight. Crazy? Perhaps, but I think it will be a good way to make sure I do actually get the hell on with it. I might see what the interest is like on Twitter; see if I can get people to join me.

Thursday 27 October 2011 – Preparation
I feel sick! But in a good way. I feel like Tuesday can’t come fast enough, but it better slow the hell down because I haven’t got my plan out on paper yet. *snerk* I guess that’s normal when anticipating something so awesome, right? Conflict between do I/don’t I want it?
Really, I just want to see my thermometer start growing. Lol; I’m far to excited about the novelty of the little red bar rising higher and higher. Just like last year with NaNo’s own widgets. And who am I kidding? I’m going to use those too!

Monday 24 October 2011 – Anticipation
Yes, its nearly here and though incredibly excited, I think I need the little extra push this year to get things moving and make sure that I work steadily towards the 50,000 word goal. Therefore this page – which will be visible only for the duration of National Novel Writing Month 2011 – will have its own goal monitor on it. I’ll update it daily with my progress on my words, which will save me from having to include the word count widget in every post I write (like last year).

Prepare to watch it riiiiiiiiiiiiiiise! ^_^





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