About Da Shared Brain (DSB)

By Da Shared Brain…

My name is Leah, if you must know. You won’t see very much of me here, since this blog belongs to Ileandra and Raven, but I wanted to say a few words.

I’m just a normal woman. I eat, I drink (though not much alcohol any more…), I poop, I sleep (occasionally).
I also write. I do quite a bit of non fiction and you can find pieces by me in these places:

We Are Family Magazine

Creative Frontiers

Phoenix Writers

Phoenix Writers Subs Club

This blog, which started back in 2010 as a bit of an experiment, has turned into an outlet for my creativity to run riot and take on a life of its own. Almost literally.
Every day I’m surprised, thrilled and honoured that you’re here with me.

Very occasionally you will find a post from me on this blog. If you do, it’s likely that I’m in the middle of a major ‘life event’ and need to step away from my pen names long enough to tell you guys something important.
Otherwise, I leave you in Ileandra and Raven’s capable hands. I’m sure that’s what they’d prefer.

What do you think?

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