Raven’s December Indie eBook Review: Indecent (The Cage Sessions)

Indecent: The Cage Sessions (Book 1)

Credit: Skylar Cross

Author: Skylar Cross
Title: Indecent (The Cage Sessions)
Genre: Filthy Erotica
Words: 15,000
‘Annika is a reporter for MiamiImproper.com, a struggling web magazine. Damien Cage is rock star frontman for the Platinum-selling band Eon Sphinx.
When her boss sends Annika to interview Damien at his Biscayne Bay estate, she can’t believe it. Now 22 and trying to find her path in life, Annika struggles to let go of her strict religious upbringing. She yearns to be sexually free, enjoying all that life has to offer.
Just turned 30, Damien is surrounded by beautiful girls. He trains them in the “Deviant Arts of Pleasure.” But none of them are on his level. Disillusioned and jaded with the music industry, he has quit his band in search of something more meaningful out of life.
When Annika and Damien meet, sparks fly. The steam between them is hotter than the Florida sunshine.’

line break, swirling graphics, from openclipart


I know a chap with a profile picture just like this, except he has his shirt on. Remembering that reminds me I may be a bit bias, but I have to say that this is a great cover. It’s simple, functional, the colours don’t hurt and that piccy is stupidly sexy. A wonderful five-thumbs up from me (no… I don’t need anatomy lessons :-p it’s a figure of speech).


Annika is a fun sort of girl with a healthy fixation on an unattainable rock star- what? It IS healthy! Or is every young girl with an obsession with One Direction in need of medical help?
Anyway! When she gets the chase to interview her absolute favourite rockstar, Damien Cage, she leaps at the chance with both hands extended. Don’t blame her. When she meets him, he invites her to a party the likes of which is well known to all Damien Cage fans. Not only that, but she must decide what that means for her.


Annika: Funny, driven, smart. Sexual deviant. The book opens with a great scene that I won’t ruin, but it did give me a great insight into the type of character I was dealing with. For a 15k novella, that sort of character is fine for me, though I think more than that in a single dose (i.e. a novel) would have been too much for me. The fact that this is a series means I’ll probably be able to keep reading.
Damien: Sexy, talented, moral. Slightly unrealistic. If not for Skylar’s warnings on her Amazon page I would complain about that (but why? She’s already said that’s what her books are often about). I don’t know… something about him just didn’t quite feel right as I read. Like he was trying a bit too hard to be the rockstar-with-a-bad-image-that’s-actually-a-tally-nice-guy. Hmm. I’d have to read more of the series to see if that follows through.


I didn’t realise this was a novella until the end (my own fault, I didn’t properly read the info) but because of that I was expecting more. What I will say, however, is that while there was no rampant-bunny-style sex, there was a great deal of sexual tension that I seriously enjoyed reading.

Overall experience:

I wish it were longer. But as a writer of short stories (and novellas) myself, I think I understand the reason behind it. And yes, I realise that flies a little in the face of my previous comments about Annika, but I also believe that with just a fraction more (still not a whole novel) I would have had more space to possibly change my mind about her.
Regardless, it was a very pleasant read and I’ve not complaints about style, formatting or anything else weird like that.

Final score:

Average across all scores is 4.2, which rounds out to 4 fireballs.
This is certainly one to read if you want a bit of saucy ‘brain candy.’ Yes… I like that phrase. *nods* Nothing too heavy – at least in this one – and even promise of what’s to come to keep you focused. A non-irritating cliff hanger ending too, which means I will be looking up the rest of the series in time. 🙂

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