Raven’s January Indie eBook Review: Literal Fantasies

Book cover for Literal Fantasies

Credit: Alexandra Amalova

Author: Alexandra Amalova
Title: Literal Fantasies
Genre: Erotica
‘One lonely writer. Four unique women. Twelve incredible hours….’

I’ll say it was 12 incredible hours! Harry must be the luckiest man alive!

Okay, this is the first of my indie book reviews for 2014. As you know (read here if not), Ileandra and I will be randomly selecting books on which to write reviews,  as part of our 2014 Book Challenge. Since I’m first to post mine (she’s such a slow-mo) I’ll give you a quick run down of how it’s going to work.

Each book will get a review on the site we bought it from; Smashwords, Amazon, Kobo, whatever. Each book will also get a fuller review here. Spoilers will be clearly marked before the event (though obviously we’ll try not to do that) and we’ll review each book as readers, not as writers in the genre (mainly because that seems a bit arrogant). We’ll also use the star system Ileandra used in her reviews on lemon cakes. Yes, I know cake is a bit (a lot) different to books, but the stars are pretty and I can’t be arsed to make my own scale. If I ever get round to it I’ll do something to make the wait worth while like… I dunno… a dildo rating or something. -_-

I haven’t had much sleep. Leave me alone.



three stars

Tis nice. Clean. You know immediately what sort of book you’re looking at, which is key. There was no confusion for me. The tagline text could stand to be a little clearer (maybe it was just a fraction too small for that particular font) but it sits well on the image.
I would have liked the cover to be more related to the text or the characters rather a than generic sexy photo, as one sees a lot these days, but that’s a personal thing. *shrugs*


five stars

Harry, recently single, writes naughty stories on line and has garnered a bunch of fans (lucky devil). Four in particular, a group of four women, write to him regularly (a writer’s dream!) and eventually arrange for him to join them at one of their ‘literal fantasy’ evenings; get togethers in which they read naughty stories, share their fantasies and take naughty pictures. Oo-eer. ^_^
This appeals to me because, as a premise, it doesn’t feel forced. Some of the sub plot/smaller detail within the piece seems, at times, slightly over done, but I’m over that. It actually worked well, but I make the observation because I noticed it.


four stars

Took a bit of getting into. The first person style leads nicely into going along for the ride with Harry though I did have the occasional moment of ‘Really? Are you sure…?’ This happens to me a lot though, mainly because I’m not a dude. *gasp* I hang out with a lot of men (being a geek tends to nudge you that way, at least in the circles I run in) and not many of them think/talk like that. Then again, not many of them are faced with the situation that Harry is either (though I bet they’d bloody love it!). I certainly fell in love with Martha and Sue (despite myself) and just wanted to give Vicky a slap. That says to me there’s a good healthy mix.
Every now and then a character reaction didn’t quite ring true to me and there seemed to be occasional inconsistency with dialogue style. An accent that comes and goes, sometimes with explanations, sometimes without.

Overall experience:

4.5 stars

A pleasant good read. Considering how short my time is, I completed the piece in about five days and enjoyed it a great deal. The ending was satisfying and rounded off the story in a way that ensured I didn’t feel cheated. A few typos through the file and a couple of missed words, but those are the sorts of things that are easily fixed with a fresh upload. And, frankly put, I probably only noticed them because I can’t get out of my editing head right now. Ho hum.
This ties in which what I mentioned about accents too; writing dialects into dialogue is bloody hard and I always applaud people who try it. But, for me, it’s a (very) fine line between just right and too much. The blend was right in this book, but the inconsistency irked me just a bit.
So that leads me to knock off half a star.

Final score:

four stars

Four stars. *nods* Yep. The maths agrees with my initial, knee-jerk assessment when I put the book down. I’ll certainly be checking out more of Alexandra’s books when I have a moment spare.

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