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I Haz Planz – wc 30/01

Ugh. Sorry it’s late. Ileandra has been editing like a lunatic and, funnily enough, that influences what I do here. Go figure. 😉 I’m tired and hungry and slightly moody, so I’ll keep this one brief. Last week ~Learn how … Continue reading

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Mah Goals – wc 27/01

I had a mad day yesterday. Assessments with my Roller Derby team. I didn’t pass, but I did do a bunch of cool stuff that I’d never done before. That combined with working on existing skills has left me sore … Continue reading

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Pre Launch and Cover Reveal

I’M SO EXCITED I COULD WET MYSELF! But I won’t. Promise. How gross! HOWEVER! I have reason to be excited because today marks the soft launch of the next story in the Meeting Each Other Series; ‘Carol, Niall & Lin’! … Continue reading

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Right, Let’s Write. The Right Way

Ileandra has talked a lot about her process. You’d imagine, since she’s my other half (haha!), that a lot of what we do happens the same way. You’d be wrong. I am a planner. There. I said it. I like … Continue reading

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I Haz Planz – wc 23/01 & Raven Rantz No.1

Good evening peeps. Hope you’re all well and stuff. I… apparently… am doing very well despite all sorts of crazy (and sometimes irritating) happenings kicking off in my life. Oh, I see. I can’t leave a hint like that and … Continue reading

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Mah Goals – wc 20/01

Monday again! The first day of my week. A day of assessment. Evaluation. Fluffy talk about grown up things that makes me feel smarter than I actually am. :p Seems to me that separating my goals from Raven’s has been … Continue reading

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What Is My Genre?

I’ve thought about this a great deal in recent weeks. Particularly since, right now, I’m thoroughly enjoying my read-through of Silk Over Razor Blades (Mach 3) in preparation for its last batch of edits. I started reading having forgotten (almost … Continue reading

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