I Haz Planz – wc 23/01 & Raven Rantz No.1

Good evening peeps. Hope you’re all well and stuff.

I… apparently… am doing very well despite all sorts of crazy (and sometimes irritating) happenings kicking off in my life.

Oh, I see. I can’t leave a hint like that and then not tell you about it? Fine.

Strap in.

You all know Slippers & Chains, right? If you don’t check out this page. It’s a novella I’m hoping to have out by the end of the year and I’m currently reading it to my lovely critique group. As it’s a longer piece, I want more feedback from writerly types. That way I can make it as good as it possibly can be.

I read some in October then had a break in favour of other projects Ileandra was working on. So far this month I’ve read one piece (which hasn’t already been read to camera) and got some very helpful and constructive feedback. I also got a comment which, at the time washed straight over me.

The comment was about porn.

Now… I make no apologies for the fact that I write smut. Hell, I call it smut because that’s a hell of a lot more fun and, in my cases accurate. ‘Vicki & Lara‘ is erotic lesbian romance but other pieces I’ve written come firmly under the banner of filth. And that’s fine by me. What caused contention after this comment was the fact that the piece I read had no sexual activity in it whatsoever. The characters talked about sex; Dan explained to his best friend Pete how his relationship with Karen actually worked. Since theirs is an established D/s coupling he wanted his best friend reassured that nobody was being harmed and that everything was consensual.

No sex. Certainly no porn.

At the time, I just brushed it to one side. This person is not my target demographic and they have previously stipulated that they don’t like ‘porn’. Yes, that is the word used over and over. I (thought I had) respected this person’s preferences by moderating what I took to read.

Apparently not.

And since then another member of the group who also writes erotica has become increasingly upset. Not that I’m surprised, since the last time this came up, some nasty and downright rude comments were directed at this second member.

I’m guessing I have a thicker skin because the issue didn’t upset me. What did eventually anger (and yes I mean anger, not upset or distress) me was the idea that our group might become censored because of the opinions of one person. Or worse yet, other people might feel nervous about what they bring in for fear of offending anybody.

Before I go into my goals for this week I have one thing to say and then that should, hopefully, be the end of it. It is this:

Not everyone will like what you write. End of. Not everybody will like you. End of. But those are two very different issues and should be dealt with as such.

As a writer it is your RESPONSIBILITY to report TRUTH. That is what gives all stories their flavour, their authenticity, their power. To do anything less than that is to CHEAT YOURSELF AND YOUR READERS.

Not everybody will like the truth. Fact of life. Not everybody wants to read the truth. But here is the beauty of it… THEY DON’T HAVE TO.

If you have a story to tell about people, emotions, relationships, history, politics, religion, whatever… TELL THAT STORY THE WAY YOU WANT TO. Write for you. Not for anybody else.

Don’t let ANYBODY dictate what you write and certainly DON’T FEEL GUILTY about what you choose to write about. The choice is yours and they should respect that. End of.

Right. That’s done. End rant.


Last week
~Record at least one (new) Slippers & Chains segment
Nope. Not doing very well here. Wavering between recording as video and recording voice files. Both are hard work in different ways and distract from the actual writing. I need to pick one or the other but it’s hard. I might let you guys decided. Actually, yes! You lot decide.

You’ve got one month to vote. Go.

~Make more concrete plans on content of solo website
I’ve started. It looks lush. Just need to decide on colours and how much money I have to spend on making it really lush as opposed to just lush. I’ll soon have a launch date for you too.

~Finish next story I started writing (‘Simone & Mr Bradford’) rather naughtily
Done. God I freakin love it when I get my productive hat on. Makes me feel less guilty about sleeping and pooping, y’know?

~Pick (and at least start) this month’s indie book for review
Yep. I even picked one for Ileandra, because I’m nice like that. I’ll be reading Literal Fantasies by Alexandra Amalova and I’ll be reviewing it as soon as I’m done. If that blurb is anything to go by it won’t take me long. 😉

~Finalise when photoshoot will be
All being well it should be this Saturday. Hell. That means I have two days to learn how to put make up on. Great.

This Week
This should be a simple list!

  • Learn how to put make up on!

  • Start reading Literal Fantasies

  • Finish last story in Meeting Each Other series

  • Prepare last niggling bits for launch of ‘Carol, Niall & Lin’ (I have a present for you in that regard. Be sure to stop by on Saturday evening!)

  • Draft outline of next in Slippers & Chains series (Second Base)

That should keep me busy and out of trouble.

This is also the point to mention that I have a mailing this. Once I hit TEN subscribers I’ll start publishing a set of stories there ONLY AVAILABLE to those on the list. If you’d like access to these free stories just use this link to sign up.

Yep. That’s it. Enjoy your evening.Raven's Signature In Black

About Raven ShadowHawk

I take great pleasure in writing erotica and am merely one side of the proverbial coin. My other half, 'Ileandra Young' writes fantasy and the occasional comedy piece. My six-part series 'Meeting Each Other' is available in full, through Amazon and Smashwords while my debut novella 'Sugar Dust' is now re-released (!) available through Amazon via Little Vamp Press.
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3 Responses to I Haz Planz – wc 23/01 & Raven Rantz No.1

  1. Hello Productive Person,

    I think writers should critique the writing, and not the writer, as often happens once something like this gets out of control at a group session. Your attitude is spot on. Let them ‘get over it’ and if need be they can walk away, go out of the room for ten minutes. I know I would if I something was offensive to me. Its unlikely though to be fair.

    Alternatively, that group aside, maybe you could select a few writers you know, trust and respect to offer you fair and constructive critique after a session? I’m not suggesting every week, but you could certainly look at perhaps a monthly slot? Or better still, send them something they can read from the page, then they hopefully can make any necessary observations and give it back to you at your meeting?

    Hell, writers should be helping each other! No matter how busy we are, its good to offer each other assistance now and again. We all have different skills and I believe, you always get back what you give too…might not be at the time you give it, but trust me, I’ve been around long enough to know there are many generous writers out there at many different levels, who are more than happy to remember you came good for them, and one day they’ll return the favour in some way that will be of help to you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

    Have a good productive week, looks like you have your goals nailed. Well done.

    P.S. Will we be able to download your audio files as I’d like to take my serving mobile. 🙂 In the car, the bath, on a walk etc 😉


    • Raven ShadowHawk says:

      Nice to have you back and commenting. ^_^ I’m glad to hear it said that I’m thinking the right way about things. I’m hoping I can go back in tomorrow and be the bigger person. Left to my own devices I do all sorts of silly crap in my head. Might wear my horns though… Hmmm. *evil grin*

      I must admit, I appreciate the suggestion of tracking down other types. I’ve had several offers from within that group (bless ’em) and outside that group to critique. I will certainly look into it for the additional feedback, though I don’t want my work chased out of that group either. We’ll just have to see how it pans out.

      You’re right about writers helping each other though. The internet community is AMAZING and I’ve learned so much just from other people being nice to me. I hope that I’m doing the same for others; I firmly believe in paying it forward. And we should help each other; we’re the only ones that get each other, you know?

      Audio files – if that’s how the vote goes – certainly will be downloadable (is that a word?). I can’t host them here without paying through the nose, but I have somewhere that can. So they’ll all be clickable, downloadable and free, glorious free. Heh, Slippers & Chains in the car… you won’t be in busy traffic will you? 😉


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