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RS: Beta Readers . . . Are Awesome

Last week I talked about my plans for ‘Slippers & Chains: Sugar Dust’. I plan to release it myself through Little Vamp Press and will do so as soon as the background is done. This decision has meant several things: … Continue reading

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Pre Launch and Cover Reveal

I’M SO EXCITED I COULD WET MYSELF! But I won’t. Promise. How gross! HOWEVER! I have reason to be excited because today marks the soft launch of the next story in the Meeting Each Other Series; ‘Carol, Niall & Lin’! … Continue reading

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Celebrating Milestones Take 3!

This is so lovely. ^_^ Not only am I having a lovely day so far, but I woke up, took a look at the blog and found this.So it’s time, once again to say thank you. I only get these … Continue reading

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*ding ding ding ding ding!*

Award time! I’m also so, so, SO chuffed whenever anybody nominates me for an award. I just love feeling that not only is someone reading my words, but thinking of me and taking the time to consider me for an … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day 2013

In a break from our usual Sunday feast I just want to take a brief moment to talk about my first Mother’s Day as a mum. Last year I was pregnant, which isn’t quite the same. Regardless, I still had … Continue reading

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