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Can’t Count, Can’t Think, My Plans All Over In A Wink

Good grief. 30 days hath September, April, June and November All the rest have 31 Excepting February alone, which has 28 days clear And 29 in each leap year. ~school rhyme, credited to…. Anon? Right. I know that rhyme. I’ve … Continue reading

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LAUNCH DAY! ^_^ Meeting Each Other, Book Three: Bill

I try not to spend launch day haunting my sales figures. It’s not as important to me as the fact that I’ve made it to this point and the first day of sales is never really indicative of how the … Continue reading

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Bodies Are Weird (& I Haz Planz – wc 27/03)

So… I’m ill again. -_- I’m getting really, really, sick of saying that, but it’s the truth. This time it’s a throat infection. Something I couldn’t do anything about or avoid. Something that my body kinda takes in and goes … Continue reading

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April A2Z Challenge (& Mah Goals – wc 24/03)

I’m crazy. Have I ever told you I’m crazy? Last year I got all upset because I didn’t sign up in time for the A2Z Challenge. I promised myself that I would do it this year come hell or high … Continue reading

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Growing A Thick Skin

This isn’t a ‘how to’ guide. This is a ‘how I did it’ memoir. If you take something away from what I’m about to tell you then that’s great and I hope it helps you. If not, then I hope … Continue reading

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