Bodies Are Weird (& I Haz Planz – wc 27/03)

So… I’m ill again. -_-
I’m getting really, really, sick of saying that, but it’s the truth. This time it’s a throat infection. Something I couldn’t do anything about or avoid. Something that my body kinda takes in and goes ‘Hmmm… okay, I know what to do with this… but instead I’M GOING TO WHINE ABOUT IT AND GO INTO HIBERNATION MODE.’

Mwa hahah ha ha hhahaa!
Yeah. It wasn’t funny last week either.

I’m getting better, but I did have to go to the doctors eventually and get meds. A good thing actually as all the symptoms match up with flu, so I thought I had flu. I was filling myself with cold/flu medicine, which of course didn’t make a dent.

But this post isn’t about my poor, shitty body. It’s the one I’ve got and I’ll eventually find a balance where me and my immune system aren’t fighting against each other. In fact, there is an upside to being so sick; a belt I bought last week, thinking I would ‘slim into it’ is now almost too big. Ha… from straining to buckle it on the first hole to using the last hole but one in the space of five days. Because yes, throat infections destroy your appetite with a freakin’ hammer (over the course of this week I’ve eaten three pears, half a tuna sandwich, a full cheese sandwich and a slice of pizza – over the week!).
And yes, dear Christ, yes, I’m JOKING. This is a really BAD way to lose weight. DON’T DO IT ON PURPOSE.

Right. That’s clear.

No, I wanted to talk about an observation I made yesterday.

I have this overwhelming urge to brush my teeth. Like… all the time. Even though I’m not eating anything. It’s not like there’s anything on my teeth except the usual bacteria that I’d brush away morning and evening. But even in the day I feel my teeth, flick my tongue around a bit, and I want to clean my teeth. So I do.
Because I can taste my mouth.
And I don’t mean I have a weird taste in my mouth (though I should with all the meds I’m on). No… I mean the taste of my actual mouth. Without the distraction of food I think I’m learning the taste of my mouth for the very first time and, you know what? It’s freaking gross!

I sincerely hope this is just a weird ‘me’ thing and not something that everyone gets, because it’s really unpleasant.

It’s kinda like pennies, mixed with asparagus (which I never eat, by the way) and something else bitter. But not lemons bitter… more like… plastic… dipped in rain water… covered in nose boogies…. o.O

I can’t even describe it effectively, I just know it’s gross.

Made me wonder… is this a defence mechanism my body has come up with? I know the sore throat is just a sign that my good ole bod is desperately fighting off the infection. So it’s actually a good thing, even though it blows chunks. Is it really a reaction to not eating, like I kinda think it is? Is it none of these things and just the way the mouth of a sick person tastes?

I don’t know.
*sigh* This is just what my brain does in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep. Apparently.

Heh, I’m sure it will be no surprise to you to hear that I got sod all done. My week has been utterly consumed by bed and coughing so this may well be the first time I turned my laptop on since Sunday.

Last Week

~Set up Bill across various vendors and do all the checks to ensure integrity of the file
What a drama! I tried to load the file to Kobo and the converter went berserk and shifted all my pictures around and treated each paragraph as a separate page. WTHF?!?! So I spent a good two hours trying to figure out what went wrong, stripping out the formatting (completely) and putting it all back in. -_- Thankfully that happened before I ended up in bed (phew) but it made my heart stutter for a bit.

~Update previous releases to reflect the new one
Yep. All done. So that, at least is a weight off my mind.

~Start reading Slippers & Chains from Kindle for issues before sending to betas
Yeeeeeeeeeeah, no. 😦 I couldn’t face even turning my Kindle on, let alone paying attention enough to make final notes. Ho hum.

~Finalise details to go in press kit for solo website (DO IT RAVEN, JUST DO IT! – *huff huff*)
Nope. This is actually quite funny now. I was so geared up for it and then… life hit me. *shrugs*

~Find three potential designers on Fiverr for Smut With Brains media and approach with commission details
I’ve got one in mind. He is an AMAZING designer, but his style is very minimalistic. He designed the Little Vamp Press logo. I love his style, but I think in terms of the wider use of the final image it might not be good enough.
So rather than looking for more designers, I spent the week umming and aaahing about whether or not to use him. I’m still undecided.
Heh, that’s the only problem with being able to make all the decisions yourself. 😛

This Week

Realistically I need to finish recovering. My meds haven’t quite kicked in yet (the doctors was yesterday, y’see) but by tomorrow I should be doing much better. Still… beyond making sure that Bill goes out smoothly I think I should let it go for a week.

  1. Ensure release of Bill goes smoothly on Saturday and write blog post to fit.

Hehee, slimmest list ever.

How have you guys been? Better than me, I hope.
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  1. Hey, hope you feel better soon! 🙂


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