Raven’s November Indie eBook Review: Hooked (By the Billionaire)

Hooked book cover

Credit: KC Falls

Author: KC Falls
Title: Hooked: By the Billionaire (Wet Book 1)
Genre: Romantic Erotica
‘Fed up with the ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ pace of her life, Lara takes on a job as a private chef in the hope that she can see some of the world solo and free from restaurant life. She doesn’t expect the job to come with a South Florida player who is everything she’s trying to flee. He’s spoiled rotten, with a swollen ego massaged by every babe who crosses his red carpet path. She’s not so sure about the pet monkey,either. That seems a little cruel.
Morgan is ready for a life with some meaning other than pain. He’s tired of a lot of things about himself including what he knows Lara instantly hates. His future will be different. He’s on his way to take his share of his family’s legacy and make peace with the unthinkable trauma of his emotionally crippling past. For reasons he can’t put into words, he needs to convince Lara what she assumes about him is wrong. Or at least wrong from that point on.’

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I think, maybe, I’ve missed a trick where covers are concerned. For all the research I did before the Meeting Each Other series kicked off, I still feel that other covers out there do a better job of meeting the expectation of readers. This is a nice enough cover. Classic bare-chested man, with a background that suits the story within. My personal preference is for more arty covers, or covers that are less about skin and moody avoidance of the camera lens, but I think I’m in a minority there. Ah well. The text is big and clear, the colours don’t jar my eye, so all in all, the cover does what it should. Nothing incredible to mark it out though.


Leaving her old job is a poor, under appreciated chef in a restaurant Lara picks up a far better one. On a private yacht which will take her up and down the oceans for huge lengths of time, all while serving meals to the deliciously rich captain Morgan (not the rum). Straight away she has his number, but he falls for her somewhat quicker and deeper than he ever anticipated and has to spend the rest of the boat journey convincing her that he’s not all bad. And certainly not as bad as she thinks he is. Their budding relationship comes to a head while out to see and an accident forces Lara to confront the possibility of a future without Morgan in it.


Lara: Master of bad decisions (with regards to men), talented and a bit no-nonsense (thank goodness!). She fancies the pants off the guy but isn’t going to let herself fall into the trap of changing just to make him happy or suit what she believes is his preferred type. I like that in a girl. 😉
Morgan: Best. Name. Ever. I don’t know why but I have a soft spot for males characters with this name which makes me useless at staying impartial. Damnit. I love his passion, I love his drive and though the dark/tortured past bit is something I’ve seen before, I like how it has shaped his current personality in a good way.


Mmmm, yes. 😉 A careful blend of Lara’s shy naiveté mixed with Morgan’s smexxy-vibe… I actually would have liked a bit more sexing from these too. Not that the story is lacking without it, more that I was actually pretty keen to see this pair get down and dirty. Just because they were a good match.

Overall experience:

I gobbled this up in the space of days. I found it a really easy read with formatting that wasn’t at all disruptive. I think, in places it could have stood to be eeeeeeever so slightly shorter. Example: the conversations between Lara and her friend were nice to have, I could have still followed what I needed to know without them. But I still enjoyed my read very, very much.
My only gripe is the turning point around the accident. It made sense given what there were out on the sea for but I felt it was missing something. Even though the fact of the accident wasn’t contrived – because it wasn’t – something about it felt forced. I can’t put my finger on it, but, for me, it needed something just a lil more to stop me remembering I was reading a book, rather than sneak-peeking into these peoples’ lives.

Final score:

Average across all scores is 3.6, which rounds out to 3.5 fireballs.

I will look up the rest of the series because I want to see what’s next for Morgan and Lara. I’m also hoping that the scenes that follow, keeping it together are a little less something-I-can’t-quote-put-my-name-on-so-twee-will-have-to-do.

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