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IY: Mah Plans – 29/12

Last post of the year. *sigh* I feel like this is SUCH a big deal and it is. This year has been such a big one for both me and Raven. Next week I’ll be doing the full round up. … Continue reading

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Ileandra’s December Indie eBook Review: Indomitable

Author: JB Garner Title: Indomitable (The Push Chronicles, Book One) Genre: Superhero / Sci-Fi / Fantasy ISBN: 9781310234958 Words: 65,000 ‘Irene Roman never wanted to be a hero. She was a scientist living an otherwise normal life and that was enough. … Continue reading

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Raven’s December Indie eBook Review: Indecent (The Cage Sessions)

Author: Skylar Cross Title: Indecent (The Cage Sessions) Genre: Filthy Erotica ASIN: B00KP1G6XE Words: 15,000 ‘Annika is a reporter for, a struggling web magazine. Damien Cage is rock star frontman for the Platinum-selling band Eon Sphinx. When her boss … Continue reading

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RS: I Haz Planz 25/12 ^_^

Yes, yes, yes, it’s Christmas day. But since I’m too stuffed to move, full of flu and slightly drunk, what better thing is there to do with my time than write a blog post of goals for the upcoming week? … Continue reading

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RS: Merry Christmas 2014!

Good morning and Merry Christmas, you beautiful fuckers! ^_^ Hope you’re having as pleasant a morning as I am and that your day is looking as bright as mine. Additional Those of you trying to get hold of Simone & … Continue reading

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IY: Mah Plans – 22/12

A day late. Oops. But really, there isn’t much to put in here so that’s no biggie! :p Last week Pretty good. Most things done or those things that had to change part way through started in a good way. … Continue reading

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IY: This Is The Wind Down

The ‘Holiday’ Is Here On Saturday I talked about time sinks, winding down and not being a rock star. Today I need to acknowledge that the festive season is affecting my ability to work effectively and that, to save myself … Continue reading

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