Raven’s October Indie eBook Review: Tempt Me

cover for Tempt Me

Credit: Isabel Morin

Author: Isabel Morin
Title: Tempt Me
Genre: Romantic Erotica
Words: 28,000
‘Nina Valentine is done with New York. After spending the last year struggling to make it as a painter, all she has to show for it are bills she can’t pay. Out of money and sick of struggling, she decides it’s time to pack it up and head back to her hometown in New Hampshire.
When she meets Ian Sinclair at her going away party, Nina’s instantly attracted to his dark, smoldering looks and lean athletic body. When he asks her back to his apartment, she’s willing to overlook the fact that he’s a high-powered lawyer. It’s just for one night, and guys as gorgeous as Ian don’t come around every day.
Ian has never had a problem getting women into his bed, but after his hot night with Nina, all he wants is more of her. So he makes the curvy painter a deal – stay in the city for a few weeks and he’ll take care of everything.
Nina agrees, even though she knows better than to get attached. He’s a rich corporate suit, she’s a struggling artist. But as the connection between them deepens and Ian takes her to places she’s never been – both in and out of the bedroom – Nina doesn’t know how much longer she can resist.

line break, swirling graphics, from openclipart

A passionate look at a man and a woman coming together, against what they might normally believe is their common sense and finding something worth struggling to keep.


I think I would have liked it more without the grey bars framing that picture. It’s a nice effect, but for my tastes they are a fraction too wide and it draws my attention to the bar rather than the picture or even the text on those bars. Maybe that was the intent? I don’t know, but the general makeup of the cover is slightly diminished by that, I feel.


Nina is heading back to her hometown after an unsuccesful stint following her dreams to be an artist. Just before she leaves she meets super sexy and desirable Ian who gives her a whirlwind night of fun and passion to the point that she doesn’t want to leave. So she doesn’t!
She agrees to stay with him – in his house! – while he takes care of all the practicalities of it. They get to spend more time together and see what really is going on between them. Cue smexxy sex and intense conversations coupled with the occasional hint of angst which I think gave this story the edge it needed to keep it credible.


Nina: Creative, smart, sassy (I hate that word, but it will do for now), little bit needy. I like her because she’s real. Everyone has a bit of those things in them but I think I related to the ‘struggling creative’ part of her most. Probably because it speaks so much to me as a writer. It isn’t easy being a Creative and increasingly difficult to earn a living from it. This was a very real and relatable part of the character which helped smooth over some of those odd decisions.
Ian: a bit Christian Grey. 😦 Sorry, but it’s true. Thankfully he doesn’t have the tortured past or red playroom of not-at-all-sexy-doom, but he does have the buckets of money, the slightly coarse attitude and super-star body. Fortunately, he is a likeable character, again because he’s real not a caricature. His desire for Nina is very genuine and I can believe that someone with that amount of money would think nothing of having a woman stay in his place for a week or two. Particularly if he got to screw about with her whenever he felt like it. But he isn’t predatory or gross about it which I think was quite skilfully achieved.


This is another one of those that kept me up reading. Not too much sex and each scene seemed natural. It made sense. None of it was thrust in for kicks and each piece was sensually written.

Overall experience:

I guess my only nit pick is the way the POV swaps within a chapter. It’s elegantly done, with clear signposting in the form of text breaks, but my personal preference is that a chapter stays in one POV and then moves on to the opposing POV in the next chapter. It just makes it that little bit easier to follow. Fortunately, because of the clear, concise writing and obvious breaks in the text, I had no trouble keeping up.

Final score:

Average across all scores is 3.8, which rounds out to 4 fireballs.

Yup. I liked this book and from the information at the back, I understand that it’s the first of series. Or at least it says ‘book one.’ I’ll certainly be looking for others in the series to see how Nina and Ian are getting on. I’m invested now. 🙂

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