Raven’s June Indie eBook Review: Coming Home

Cover art for Coming Home

M.A. Stacie

Author: M.A. Stacie
Title: Coming Home
Genre: Erotica / Ménage / Romance
ISBN: 9781310110252
Words: 26,000
‘Sydney Jamieson’s love for two men makes her avoid returning home whenever possible, but when her father needs help, she has little choice. Her feelings haven’t lessened, not even after painfully leaving one at the altar. Facing them, along with her fears, is easier than she anticipated, especially when both men make it clear they still want her–and they like to share.’

I’ve been doing this for half a year now and while I think my current system of scoring is okay it could be a great deal better. It doesn’t need much, just something small to show that my reviews are geared more to the eroticism of a piece rather than the fantasy element the way Ileandra’s are.
In light of that I’ll be adding a new category for these reviews going forward. There’s no point backtracking to do the others, mind you, so earlier reviews from this year will not include this scoring rank.

My new fireball ranking system will include: Cover, Story, Characters, Eroticism and Overall Experience. The new Eroticism tag will still be scored from one to five, like all the others and included in the final average at the end of the piece. I think that will stop what I’ve done previously, which is dock points in Character or Story to show how I feel about certain erotic/romantic aspects of the book. That should make the scoring even fairer.

Right. Let’s do this.

This was such a sweet book. It’s short length should have made it a very easy read, but Da Shared Brain has been very distracted by A Song of Ice and Fire. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great book (quite a bit of sex too!) but insofar as completing these reviews it’s putting me waaaaay behind. Oh well. I’m sure once that’s done I’ll have more time.


Two-Flame-RatingDidn’t say ‘erotica’ to me at all. Frankly put, the book is far more romantic than erotic (for me) anyway; it’s softer. But that may be down to the book being mis-categorised rather than anything else. And I see a lot of that, so I won’t dock any points for it.
The cover itself is cute and has of the sort of character Sydney is but the odd blurry circles and white square in the top left confuse me I’m afraid.


Simple coming-to-terms-with-what-you-want-and-need story. I actually really liked it. Sydney left home several years ago, leaving her fiancé at the altar without explaining to anybody what mad her panic was about. The story begins with her returning home because her old family home has burned down and she’s concerned for the welfare of her ageing father.
Cue Pax and Caleb, the two men she left behind when escaping home the first time. Men she cares for and desires in equal measure. However, it was Caleb she left at the altar.
Sydney now has to choose how to proceed. Can she pick one of these two men? Or both? And what do they have to say about it? What about the life she has built away from them in which she is a successful writer of erotic fiction featuring cowboys and (very) lucky women.
The novella had a distinctly romantic feel for me, which meant we were pretty much going to get a HEA ending. Or at least HFN. I read it as HFN which is fine, but for me, personally, it’s a shame that some of the mystery was taken out of the ending; of course she was going to end happy. Sydney is the heroine.
There are a few nice scenes in which your ability to guess how that happy ending might come is shaken up a bit. But, by and large, it’s an easy love story which serves as a bit of brain candy when you reach the sexier bits.


Three-Flame-RatingPax and Caleb were too similar. That’s what strikes me most. And while I appreciate they spent very many years together pining for Sydney, they seem a little to accepting of what is coming and of what she seems to expect of them.
I know I’m not a dude, but if I were, I imagine I might be slightly more possessive over a woman I’d been pining over for years.
Then again… ménage is a big market, I know that, and there are plenty of people out there who like that sort of thing. So what do I know?

I found Sydney a tiny bit wimpy and whiny for a heroine. She has these two GORGEOUS (of course) men, all over her and spends most of the novella panicking about who to go for and how. When it’s plain that they both want her and they’re fine with sharing. And no… that’s not a spoiler. The biggest problem for her seems to be her father but, really, how many women of her age really give so much over to their fathers? Unless, again, I’m missing a trick. It’s a good source of conflict for the character and it was written well enough to avoid being annoying, but I, personally, wanted Sydney to be a bit stronger about what she wanted, when she wanted it and how. Especially towards the middle of the novella when it becomes clearer that she can have exactly what she wants.


Five-Flame-RatingBags and bags and bags of it. ^_^ I was well pleased with what this novella had to offer and I didn’t find myself skipping over some of the descriptions as I have with other pieces of erotica. It was well written and imaginative and, despite being a ménage, managed to be clear at all times. And of course there were good, old fashioned one-on-one scenes which worked well too.
Even something as simple as an interrupted kiss or a lingering look was well crafted and I’m pleased to see it written so well.

More than that, Sydney insisted on the use of condoms. In fact, so did the men. There are multiple reasons for that, but writing it into the tale didn’t disrupt the flow at all and I’m thrilled to see due attention given to safety. That as much as everything else gives this piece full marks.

Overall experience:

Four-Flame-RatingThe occasional lull in the story avoided being too much because the piece was short enough for the pace to kick up again. Didn’t find any of those annoying, overused phrases that you sometimes do and as a whole, the whole story was written very well.

Final score:

Average across all scores is 3.5 which, of course, is 3.5 fireballs.
Yes, I think that’s about right. Yes it was an enjoyable read and yes it was light, but it lacked something to give it the final push to be a full on wow.
I’d certainly recommend it though, if you have some time spare and would like to read a FMM ménage story. Well worth a look.

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