Raven’s September Indie eBook Review: Watching Sin

Watching Sin book cover

Credit: Lori King

Author: Lori King
Title: Watching Sin
Genre: Erotica / Menagé / BDSM
Words: 14,000
‘After fifteen years as a bland housewife, Alana is ready to shake up her life by fulfilling her darkest fantasy. She wants to be watched. Her exhibitionist streak is ready to break free, and she knows exactly whom she wants for her voyeur.
Doug would give his wife, Alana, the moon if she asked, so he’s more than willing to participate in a public threesome at a fetish party if it makes her kinky wishes come true. His business partner and best friend, Killian is the wild card in their plan.
A businessman first, and a trained Dominant second, Killian never gets tied down to one submissive. He’s a lover with commitment issues, but he doesn’t hesitate to help fulfill Doug and Alana’s fantasies. Once the fantasy is set in motion, the three players must decide if watching sin is enough… ‘

Mmm another smexxy MMF offering. I like these more than many others, I have to admit. Not that I read enough of them. I need to do more searching for stuff like this, I guess.


Nice. I don’t like the drop shadow beneath the title (the font is strong enough that the shadow is a shade too much) but the rest of the detail is lovely. Good use of colour, a steam (if a little clichéd image) and a tagline that adds just the right amount of extra detail.


Alana wants to shake up her sex life with a bit of open air sex. Fortunately for her, husband Doug is more than happy to oblige her in this kinky fantasy at a play party arranged by business partner Killian. However, Killian is not content to simply watch. He wants in on the action too but more than that, he wants to control it.
(Heh, what is it they say about mixing business and pleasure?)


Alana: feisty, smart and not afraid to ask for what she wants. I like that. She was also real. Her moment of panic somewhere in the middle was just perfect in light of the fact that she had just done something so different and intimate. I liked that time was given to explore this reaction.
Doug: a bit wet. Sorry. Yes, there’s usually only one dominant male in these sorts of stories, but he seemed to go along with some parts just a fraction too easily. I wanted a tiny bit more friction from this character, it would have made him more interesting.
Killian: *hissssss* Yeouch. Can’t touch this guy. Just the right levels of smouldering sexy vs vulnerability. Make him rounded in a way that Doug didn’t quite manage. At least for me.


Fuck me with a pointy stick (actually, don’t, thanks) there was loads. Another one of those stories that starts with a slow burn. But once it got going, by god, I needed to stay close to the shower. Quite glad I was reading this at home rather than out and about.

Overall experience:

I have one complaint. Just one. There seems to be a disturbing idea that once somebody gives a safe word within a BDSM scene, that the night stops, it’s all over and everything goes back to null.

No. No, no, no, no! I’m sure some relationships work this way, but seeing it in so many books makes me wonder if this is considered ‘a thing.’ It’s not. Some relationships work this way, but others use safe words to slow the action down or ask for a break. It’s not a stop-dead-red-light-stop-the-ride-I-want-to-get-off sort of thing. It bugs me when safe words are treated this way because the person using them is pressured not to. It’s walking the fine line between between consensual sex and passive-aggressive coercion and I don’t like it. Not one bit.

Besides that…? Fooking great book. ^_^

Final score:

Average across all scores is 3.9, rounding out to 4 fireballs.

Aside from my passionate gripe about safe words (sorry) this story is definitely a go-er. I liked it and the spicy nature of the relationships between the three gave it just the right edge.

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