Raven’s April Indie eBook Review: Rebel (& I Haz Planz – wc 15/05)

Rebel cover art

Aubrey Ross

Author: Aubrey Ross
Title: Rebel
Genre: Erotica
Words: 65,620
ISBN: 9781311126283
‘Rebel leader Corry Reah has a problem. His name is Ashton VinDerley. Though they are sworn enemies, she can’t make herself hate him. Compelling and powerful, he fascinates and seduces her, making her long for pleasures she has never known before. He teases and tempts, caresses and challenges until she forgets who is captive and who captor.’


Nice and clean but nothing special. I’ve seen plenty of covers like this and though the information is unique, the rest of it has been done. Not to say that it’s not good, but I want a bit more of a personal touch. Especially since this futuristic-romance-action-adventure story is unlike anything else I’ve read during this challenge. I feel like it needed more.


This novel has two stories in one. The first follows Corry and her relationship with POW (kinda) Ashton. She fancies him (of course) and has a hard time keeping her eyes off him (obviously). Though she (and other members of the rebels) have captured him and several others with a view to forcing the higher ups to pay attention to their plight, she’s pretty distracted by the idea of getting in his pants.
Not great for a revolution really, is it?
Sorry… I don’t really mean to be snarky, but this aspect of the Corry character bothers me. And I’ll discuss it more below.

Corry’s brother, Korbin is having a similar problem with another of the captives; Danette. He recognises her from his old days as a (for want of a better phrase) Dom-for-hire, and not only does he fancy the pants off her, but he always did. So having her at his mercy is just a bit much for him.

As a device, this type of ‘powerless to resist the urges of my genitals’ can only carry a story so far. I like the idea that the initial attractions amongst these people was enough to set things in motion, but there is a lot at stake for the rebels and the captives. The idea that their desire for sex (and yes, not just sex, having the person they so desire) is so overpowering that everything else kinda fades away, is a bit much.
Because that’s what happens.
Yes, eventually the story gets back to why Danette and Ashton were kidnapped and what Corry and Korbin (I love those names by the way) were trying to achieve, but I feel like it all takes second place to giving the two couples as many chances as possible to have sex.
I like sex, but Corry and Ashton’s story and where they end up (it’s quite hard to do this without spoilers!) seems like it was put together just to enable them to have the type of sex they did. Don’t get me wrong, it was bloody good (!) but I would hope for a more subtle nudge towards getting these characters were they needed to be to have this life changing sex.


Three-Flame-RatingAshton – Classic rogue. Bad boy with a gentle heart. I actually quite like him – he’s a sweetie – but he needed something a little more to really spark for me. He read like several other reluctant hero types in these sorts of stories and he just needed a little brushstroke of something to make him unique.

Corry – Felt whiny and a bit weak. While that would normally irritate me, I actually liked that about her as she seemed the most real of all these characters. She had personality, sass and life.
But as soon as she reached a situation where there was a bit of lust, it felt like a lot of her strength just vanished. She gave in to a lot of things in a way that I don’t believe she should/would have. She felt… for want of a better word; easy.

Danette – I’ve done a lot of reading on submissives recently. I also know a few. And I know that every sub has their own tastes, needs and flavours. Of course they do; just like everyone else. I like the sympathetic way her needs were represented and how she is actually quite a strong character. She doesn’t settled. She knows what she wants and does not stop until she finds the man who is able to provide it for her. Whatever one may feel about the roles of men and women, co-dependence and blah, blah, blah, it can’t be denied that such a thing is a strength. Not enough people are strong enough to persist until they get what they want. Well done her.

Korbin – He’s okay, I guess. Of all four I think he made the least impression. That in of itself is disappointing as he should have been great. A man who once made his living training girls to submit. What’s sexy and exciting if that isn’t (if that’s the way you swing)? But he kinda.. just… mills along, pining after this one girl and dithering over whether or not he can have her.

Overall experience:

Three-Flame-RatingActually I enjoyed reading. Insofar as a piece of erotica, this novel certainly did the job. The formatting of the ebook itself was very clean and the writing was easy going. I read this in a couple of days and despite my reservations on the overall plot, I did enjoy it.

Final score:


Final score 2.75… three fireballs.
This was very middle of the road for me. I enjoyed the sex very much, the story could have had more to it (with somewhat stronger characters) but, as I understand it, there are more books in this series.
So… depending how the rest of my year goes, I may well be looking it up. 🙂

Right. I guess with the festivities over I should be able to get back to where I was in terms of productivity. I have lots of things to do and even though Ileandra is chomping at the bit to start her next project, it’s my turn again. I have control of Da Shared Brain right now and I need to finish going through the beta comments for Slippers & Chains so I can start submitting.

Last Week

Decide on my next steps regarding the Meeting Each Other series (the last three books, print versions, extras, etc etc…). Let’s try that again, shall we?
Heh, that was actually quite easy. The series is on hold. Yes, still on hold. Because I need to deal with Slippers & Chains first. Once that’s done I can come back to this series.

Continue writing new short story for open erotica anthology. Yes… I’m mad, I started something new. But it’s only 3k words, so it’s within my capabilities to draft in the next seven days. I have the outline done.
Yeah. Um… I wish I’d read the brief properly because on looking at it again I’m not going to make the deadline. I just can’t. I could probably draft it, but I wouldn’t be able to edit it, have it read by betas and edited again before the deadline. So… no….
I do, as a result, have a nice short story that I might send out to newsletter subscribers, but I won’t be entering that anthology after all. 😦

Close ‘Smut With Brains’ poll. Oooh yes. ^_^ Those of you on my mailing list have had plenty of time to choose which of the two designs you prefer for the logo. I’ll get those votes collated and then prepare the next update to go out to that list. After that you fine blog readers will get to see. Remember… if you want to see/hear/read things before they get to the blog, join my mailing list to get the monthly newsletter.
Done! ^_^ When all the book reviews are up to date I’ll be revealing the new Smut With Brains logo. Woooooo!

Enjoy my birthday. Yeah… that’s kinda important. ^_^
Yep. That was good. Enjoyed that a GREAT deal. 🙂

This Week

  1. Get to work on those Slippers & Chains edits. Get through at least five chapters. Now… theoretically, this should be easy. I’ve done my edits, this is just me going through comments from betas. Nobody flagged anything major so I can pretty much deal with the small things, then go. *fingers crossed*

Yes, I know I said I wanted to get back to real work, but I also need to pace myself. I also don’t want to get distracted by other things. So… just for this week, that’s my only goal. Slippers & Chains. Let’s see how I do. 🙂

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