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IY: Silk Over Razor Blades – Primary Timeline Excerpt

Still no word following my big news, but I see no harm in continuing with my schedule.  The way I see it, I’m going to keep everything moving as planned right up until the last possible moment. I still sweat … Continue reading

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Raven’s November Indie eBook Review: Hooked (By the Billionaire)

Author: KC Falls Title: Hooked: By the Billionaire (Wet Book 1) Genre: Romantic Erotica ASIN: B00HHAOSHC ‘Fed up with the ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ pace of her life, Lara takes on a job as a private chef in the hope that she can see some … Continue reading

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RS: I Haz Planz 20/11

Want to know how to drive yourself complete nuts? Promise your kids (and yourself) that you’ll tape (ha, there’s an old term for ya!) every episode of their favourite show and tweak it so that adverts and extra crap at … Continue reading

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RS: Learning From Editing pt2 – Your Story Can Always Be Better

Continuing my new series on what I’ve learned from editing, I want to talk about part of the editing process. We talk about editing as if it’s a finite thing. As if you’ll reach a point, be totally happy and relieved … Continue reading

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IY: Mah Plans – 17/11

Laaaaaaaaaaah-di-daaaah-di-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Yeah, that’s pretty much how I feel right now. Ill all weekend with only minimal bursts of work I somehow still feel light and bright looking at the road ahead. It’s not that bad, promise! Last week Finish writing … Continue reading

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