RS: I Haz Planz 21/03/16

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeerm . . . I don’t even know. Let’s have a look:

Actions This Past Fortnight

~Finish drafting ‘It’s Fun To Share’checking off feedback
Nope. I haven’t been doing my 15 minutes a day. I’ve barely done anything per day, Ileandra took over, then DSB realised how mentally and physically good-for-you a daily, 40 minute walk can be. That has reeeeeeeeeally squished my writing time, almost completely out of existence. Couple that with the fact that, for some reason, I’m just not feeling this story, I’m finding it hard to finish. Grr.

~Draft half of ‘So I Bought A New Toy’
. . . NEXT! 😦

Activities For This Fortnight

  1. Finish drafting ‘It’s Fun To Share’

Thoughts . . .

thinking-boyClearly I need a break. I need to reel it back and think more on how to balance health with work. It’s not out of control or anything, but I think if I’m having trouble meeting simple goals across a two week period, something needs a bit of a tweak.

That aside, the Easter holidays are coming up, meaning The Sprogs will be around and one half of DSB’s family, including young, shouty siblings, will be visit across the Easter weekend.

Defo time to reel it all back and expect a little less from myself.

And y’know what? I’m fine with that. ^_^

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RS: The ‘SM’ In #BDSM – Part Four, Safety

I suppose it would be kind to leave a warning here before you start. Many, if not all, of the links (and pictures) in this series of posts are totally NSFW. If you want to have a look, do, by all means, but don’t be surprised if you find naked boy bits at the other end . . . or girl bits.
Happy? Let’s go.

line break, swirling graphics, from openclipart

Here we are, right at the end of my series on BDSM and I figure now is as good a time as any to talk about safety. Part of me feels I perhaps shouldn’t have put this at the end, the rest of me feels, that the subject is important enough that it required a whole post of its own.

Safe Words

Everybody—after FSoG I’m not afraid to say ‘everybody’—probably understands the concept of safe words (mostly because Ana didn’t have them—*grr, rage, I’m NOT having this rant again today*). In its most literal sense, a safe word is something a person says or does that can be mistaken for nothing except ‘Stop, I’ve had enough.’ It’s a word that puts a stop to all play for any number of reasons, including (but not exclusive to) too much pain, needing a break, ‘real life’ interruptions. This ‘safe word’ needn’t be a mere word, it can be a phrase, or a tune, a gesture or a set of eye blinks. I’ve discussed numerous times over the last few months that those involved in BDSM activities may be physically restricted, blindfolded or gagged. This means that speaking may not be a simple thing. Having a number of ways to communicate your true desire to stop is important on both sides of any BDSM play (yes, even Dom/mes need safe words!).

After Care

Something else I’ve discovered while researching this topic is that ‘after care’ is of mega important. Depend in on the sorts of experience both dominant and submissive have, there is a ‘come down’ period afterwards were the real world filters back in, pleasure dies off and people need to be coaxed carefully into their bodies. I hesitate to say ‘as a result of an out of body experience’ but ‘subspace’ is a very real thing that can temporarily alter the mind space of those there. To (over) simplify, compare it to being drunk: when inebriated, a person is not quite themselves, unable to think clearly and/or rationally and should not be left in charge of huge decisions. Subspace is similar in that an overload of certain endorphins and hormones can make it difficult to act and be as you are in the every day world.


Perhaps I should have talked about this first, but I’m tired and sore today, my brain isn’t doing what it should be. However, consent is the one of the first and most important pillars of BDSM. Anything and everything that happens to/with/for someone must happen with their clear, coherent, informed and obvious consent. Without that, most BDSM activities would fall under the banner of abuse and even rape. There are many different ways consent can be obtained, but that does lead me neatly into the last little heading for today.


All relationships require this, but BDSM ones perhaps more than others. Across any part of the spectrum people are playing (quite intensely) with others on a physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological level. It is important to be able to talk through how one feels, and what one needs. Honesty and the ability to talk candidly about likes and dislikes are things that some people find difficult, but without frank conversations before, after and often during any BDSM activities, it would be easy to make mistakes or do harm where none is intended.

line break, swirling graphics, from openclipart

Wow, okay, and that brings me to the end of the SM in BDSM and the end of my BDSM series as a whole.

I’ve learned so much through talking about these things and yet I know there is still so much to know. Once upon a time I may have been intimidated by that, instead, as I reach the end of this series of posts, I realise I’ve met and spoken with a bunch of incredibly interesting, honest and helpful people, without whom I never would have been able to complete the series.

I’d like to take this moment to say thank you to everyone who has spoken to me in some small form and/or been involved with this series of posts. Your help has been invaluable and I hope my future attempts to write fiction in this area reflect the help you’ve given me.


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IY: Mah Plans 14/03/16

Another Monday, another round up. It turned out to be a mad fortnight when I realised how much needed to be done to meet some of the goals I set. I’ve done it, so that’s good, but I was glad of the break when the weekend hit!

Actions Over The Past Fortnight

~Complete final read of Crossroads
Done. Cracked it this time, mwaah ah aha h ahaaaa! Feeling pretty bad for Michael right now. :p

~Format Crossroads
Also done. I’m finding the formatting much easier to do these days. Still would prefer to be writing, but, I guess, until I can hire a team of backgroundy folk, that sort of job remains mind. Dern indie publishing! :p

~Approach my panel of Beta Readers
Yes and this is where the extra work came in. I sent out the message, as usual and promised readers that they would have the manuscript ready to read by Sunday 13 (yesterday). I wanted to give people the whole of April to get through the novel and another two weeks if I could. But I sent the email on Monday 7, which really didn’t get me much time to do the last read, prepare the file and get it gone.

Ha! So follows a week of digging deep into Saar’s Legacy and forgetting everything else. I think I was breathing god-touched by the time I reached Friday, which is when I finished going through the novel.

There are still some niggles, things that bother me, as an author, but I’ve left the manuscript alone now. Time to see if those same things bother readers as much as they bother me. I figure, if they do, then I’ll change them. If not, I’ll need to spend some time assessing if it’s my mad drive for perfection that’s bothering me, or if the issue is a real one. Heh, that should be fun.

~Put together cover brief for Dave Johnson and send
Also done. I adore Dave and his work. I’m so, so pleased to be working with him for these books and I admire his talent and creative vision. This is my first time working so closely with an illustrator and now, as we near the end of this project, we’re looking to start another. Not too many details yet, but I’m hoping that we’ll be working together more closely and more regularly in months to come. ^_^

Activities This Fortnight

  • List Crossroads on Amazon and Smashwords
  • Come up with four basic ideas that will each carry a novel, featuring characters from the ‘Dead And Alive’ serial (Kailah Turner, Michael Garran and Diavian Hatara)
  • Complete the short story I began for the students over at the local college


thinking boy, black and white, with questions marks around his head

Credit: ryanlerch at OpenClipArt

I’ve put leaving ‘OAKP’ alone because I know how bad I am at panicking when betas have my words. I’ll be scouring it, searching for things to change, instead of putting it from my mind and letting folk enjoy it (or not, as the case may be. Who knows?!). The challenge will be to allow myself to get on with other things so I don’t dwell on what people might be saying.

That is why I’ve added the short story into this fortnight’s tasks.

I visited a local school for World Book Day, talking to two large groups of Year Nine students (13/14 years old) about what drives me to write, my process and how I began. I also did some (loud and exciting!) exercises with them to create a teeny weeny story, and prove that any old idea can give you a base to build on. When I visited them, I was asked to bring something to read and, since most of my words are decidedly adult, I wrote something especially for them called ‘Club Night.’ Only 1,000 words, but they enjoyed it so much that I promised I would finish the story and get it to them when it was done (!).

This is my first taste of writing any sort of YA and, though I’m a little nervous about that, my audience is already there and waiting: 200 or so lovely, enthusiastic students who are keen to see how my werewolves, vampires and pixies finish sneaking out of school to visit the local club. 😉 I reckon that should be enough to keep my mind of ‘On A Knife Point,’ right?

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IY: Fantasy Creatures – Vampires – My All Time Favourites

Despite how much I love vampires, I realise that I’m not as well read around the creatures as I like to think I am. Obviously there are thousands upon thousands (if not millions) of books on vampires and I can’t read them all, but I have done the classic thing: found my favourite authors and stuck with them. That means that this list, while pretty broad to my mind, is nowhere near as expansive as it could be.

I’m going to fix that at some point.

Anyway! My all time favourite vampires (types and individual characters) are spread across film, TV and books. I’m a wimp, so I won’t be putting these in any sort of order, just spitting them out as they come to me.

Spike (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, TV Series )

Spike has an incredible character arc throughout the series, going from bad to kinda-good. And yet he never quite loses his bad-boy appeal, despite all the background and growth we get. He remains true to his own morals and loves, even when he transitions over to Angel and we see what is important to him after all. Makes me warm inside.

Alisa Perne (The Last Vampire series, Christopher Pike)

Aside from watching Buffy, I believe these books were the first time I properly encountered vampires. Alisa is a 5,000 year old vampire, the last of her kind, hunted down by the creature who made her way back in India in 3,000 BC when her name was Sita. I love these books. Love, love, love, and just thinking about them makes me want to find them again. What I didn’t realise is that the series continues beyond what I read, so now, rather than three, there are five books with a potential sixth on the way. To say I’m excited about this is a mad understatement and, when funds allow, I’ll be buying the whole series to return to my first love.

Count Dracul (Bram Stoker’s Dracula; Francis Ford Coppolla)

Yes, yes, I know, it’s all about books, right? But not this. Put aside, if you can, the horrific acting of Keanu Reeves, and Winona Ryder, this film starred Gary Oldman as the title character. And he was FANTASTIC! I still get a chill when I remember the earlier scenes, with the pale skin, hairy palms, and mad up-do. He plays it subtle, oh-so-subtle, but you know, beneath the love he feels for his lost Elizabetha, that he is a veeeeeeeeeeery dangerous man. For me, this is how vampires should be: mysterious, obviously deadly, though to look at them, it’s hard to put your finger on why. How else would they survive throughout the years? :p

Henry Fitzroy (The Blood Books, Tanya Huff)

Apparently, I’m someone who likes to blend true history with fiction. Not only do my vampires stem from Egypt with direct likes to Cleopatra, Marc Antony and Octavian, but Saar himself bounces through history with his hands in all sorts of pies. Henry Fitzroy is the same sort of thing, the bastard son of King Henry VIII, a real person that Tanya has taken to star in her books. I love that idea and I love her vampires. I love how she deals with the potential overpopulation issue by having them be territorial and unable to be too close together. I particularly enjoy the subtly of their powers and how it all came together in the Lifetime series, Blood Ties, which I know I’ve talked about before.

The God-Touched (Saar’s Legacy trilogy)

It may seem like a gratuitous plug to include my own books in this list, but it makes senses that I enjoy my own vampires. I worked hard to give them their own unique flavour and to make them different, yet related to other vampires I enjoy. They take their roots in ancient history, much like those of Christopher Pike, they are religious (Henry Fitzroy is a Catholic and that didn’t change upon becoming a vampire), they have a strict hierarchy based around their power, age and status and all their powers are dependent on blood. I’ve enjoyed writing about these people and how they live, but I’m looking forward to moving on. As I explore more about vampires and how different people view them, I’m hoping that future works of mine incorporate more of the different legends, tropes and ideas across the creature type.line break, swirling graphics, from openclipartAnd that’s it. My fav vamps, whittled down from a list that includes a whole heap of brilliant authors: Melissa De La Cruz, Charlaine Harris, Laurell K Hamilton, Sparkle Hayter, Christopher Moore, Johnny B Truant, Samantha Warren and Anne Rice. It was hard, and I know there’s more, but I can’t go on forever.

I would love, however, to chat with you about what vampires you like, if at all. Why not hit me in the comments?

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RS: I Haz Planz 07/03/16 & February 2016 Round Up

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit’s March!

. . . that seemed to come out of nowhere! Sure, I’m aware of days passing and all that, but yikes, did February go fast. And not just because it’s short a couple of days.

Ho hum. Time to look at how I’ve been getting on.

Actions Over The Last Fortnight

~Complete deep edits on ‘Shh, The Kids Are Sleeping’
Done. At last! Dunno why that took me so long, but it’s done and I’m so thrilled with the story. A sweet little piece about a married couple, completed with two young kiddie winkles. But I’m not getting sentimental . . . no, not me . . . no way, no how. o.O

~Complete first draft of ‘Not Another Blind Date’ (after figuring out what’s bothering me about the words I have so far)
Another sweet story complete in first draft. The words I had so far were bothering me because they were sweet and sensual, rather than hard and rough. Sure, these Smexxy Snippets are supposed to be quick and rough, but I think a minor break for the emotions linked to extreme insta-lust is something nice to explore. So that’s what happened in this offering. I’ll get onto editing it later.

February Round Up

~Ensure the release of my third Smexxy Snippet (‘The Back Seat of My Sister’s Car’) releases as planned on February 22 2016 on both Amazon and Smashwords
All done. Came out without a hitch and it’s all looking rosy on that score.

~Complete and list the fourth Smexxy Snippet: ‘Shh, The Kids Are Sleeping!’
Woohoo, wrapped up this afternoon. Everything is in place and there are a few more checks that Smashwords needs to make before they’re happy.

~Complete the draft of ‘Not Another Blind Date’
Yes, as above, this is now done.

~Draft ‘It’s Fun To Share’
I think I’m 900 words in, or something like that. I started last week when I realised I was done with the other stuff, but never quite got to the end. Ho hum. I’ll do that this month too.

Change That Shit Up

Here is the full list again, just so I can take a look at what needs to be done, refreshing myself on the details, as it were. Completed tasks struck out, changes in red and new items in green.

  • Complete the Slippers & Chains series in full which includes:
    • Editing ‘Slippers & Chains: Picking Out Curtains’
    • Formatting ‘Slippers & Chains: Picking Out Curtains’
    • Drafting ‘Slippers & Chains: Number Four’ (I suppose I’ll also have to name it)
    • Editing ‘Slippers & Chains: Number Four’
    • Formatting ‘Slippers & Chains: Number Four’
  • Release the first ten Smexxy Snippets
    • The Back Seat of My Sister’s Car’
      • Release
    • ‘Shh, The Kids Are Sleeping!’
      • Edit
      • Format & list
      • Release
    • ‘In The Back Row of the Cinema’
      • Edit
      • Format & list
      • Release
    • ‘Guess Who’s Coming For Dinner’
      • Edit
      • Format & list
      • Release
    • ‘Not Another Blind Date’
      • Draft
      • Edit
      • Format & release
    • ‘It’s Fun To Share’
    • ‘So . . . I Bought A New Toy’
    • ‘Because Magic Is Sexy’
  • Plan some type of series/serial that I’ll enjoy writing for the foreseeable future

Targets For March 2016

I seem to recall deciding to shift my release schedule to every other month, rather than monthly, meaning I can sit back and chill just a tiny bit. Still, it would be nice to get the first drafts of all my snippets out the way, especially since, for some reason, I’ve also started making notes of ‘Slippers & Chains: Three’ even though that piece didn’t rank anywhere in my notes for last month. I’ve completed the notes too, and I’m ready to start deep edits pretty much any time now.

*sigh* Funny how I distract myself from my list in favour of anything else going!


  1. Ensure the release of my fourth Smexxy Snippet (‘Shh, The Kids Are Sleeping!’) releases as planned on March 22 2016 on both Amazon and Smashwords
  2. Draft the remaining three Smexxy Snippets
    1. ‘It’s Fun To Share’
    2. ‘So, I Bought A New Toy’
    3. ‘Because Magic Is Sexy’
      1. Work on this title because, at present, it sucks arse!

Activities For This Fortnight

  1. Finish drafting ‘It’s Fun To Share’
  2. Draft half of ‘So I Bought A New Toy’

Thoughts . . .

Sorted. That’s more than enough to keep me busy this fortnight. Let’s see how we do: half term is over, I have my working afternoons back, the household has calmed down for DSB and everything is smooth and shiny. Let’s go.

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RS: The ‘SM’ In #BDSM – Part Three, Pain

I suppose it would be kind to leave a warning here before you start. Many, if not all, of the links (and pictures) in this series of posts are totally NSFW. If you want to have a look, do, by all means, but don’t be surprised if you find naked boy bits at the other end . . . or girl bits.
Happy? Let’s go.

line break, swirling graphics, from openclipart

First up, let me just say that I’m writing this post while listening to the Showaddywaddy Megamix (followed by a J-ska version of Monkey Man) and, given some of the pictures I’m looking at, it is my most BIZARRE blogging experience to date. I find myself vaguely turned on and desperate to hit the dance floor and shake my tush.

ANYWAY . . .

I want to talk about to very specific aspects of pain today, CBT and NT or, cock-and-ball-torture and nipple torture. I focus on these as they are quick and easy discussion points and cover about as much as I know about pain for pleasure.

Sooooo . . . CBT. Good ole torture of the most delicate parts of a person’s anatomy. Or is it? I have it on good authority that both cock and balls can take rough manhandling before any pain is caused at all. Discomfort, sure, but pain? A kick in the nads isn’t at all the same as using the many tools I’ve heard of when it comes to CBT.

Pegs, wool (for binding), chopping up latex gloves, harnesses, collars, elastic bands, paperclips, weights . . . it goes on and on. And though there is often pain involved, that isn’t the be all and end all. Many times it is simply about the discomfort or the stress of the position the cock-bearer (haha, cock-bearer—and yes, I’m trying to avoid saying ‘men’ here as men aren’t the only people with cocks) may find themselves in.

There are more extreme forms of cock and ball play involving e-stim (electrical stimulation) and urethal play (nope!—Really not my cup of tea, but it takes all sorts).

Nipple torture can work much the same way. Putting the nipple, areola and/or the rest of the breast tissue in a situation of extreme stimulation. Can be achieved through slapping, pinching, licking, biting, whipping, you get the idea. Also, the same sorts of tools that may be used in CBT (see above).

This post talks about an experience with e-stim that I find fascinating, particularly since the pain/discomfort lead directly to pleasure rather than the usual things someone might assume would do so.

So why is this arousing? A bit like the last time, hell if I know, but, again, there are all sorts of articles, blogs and wikis that cover the questions in different forms over and over and over (and over . . . I didn’t wade through the whole article, but I did skim read it. Fascinating stuff).

In short, given that my writings these days are taking more of a BDSM turn, I’m keen to learn more about both these forms of stimulation because it think it would be fun to explore exactly that question above. Why? What does it mean? Is it healthy? Is it scary? Why is pain taboo at all? And so on. But you know me, I enjoy giving myself a rough time when I write.

Apparently. 😉

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IY: Mah Plans 29/02/16 & February 2015 Round Up

Yes, the round up is early this month but I figure since today is the <em>last </em>day of the month, it makes sense to do it now rather than waiting a whole fortnight. First up:

Actions Over The Past Fortnight

~Complete deep edits on ‘On A Knife Point.’ Meh, why not?
Huh. That was easy. o.O Done!

~Switch Crossroads ‘deep edits’ into Scrivener and read
All moved over, but I’ve not completed my red yet. Shouldn’t take long to do though, I’ll whip through it tonight.

February 2016 Round Up

Mmm. Defo deserves 'well done Ovaltine!'

Mmm. Defo deserves ‘well done Ovaltine!’

~Complete half the deep edits on ‘On A Knife Point’ (45,000 words ish)
Sorted. The whole thing is done in fact. I guess I was really enjoying myself!

~Complete deep edits on Episode Six: Crossroads
Yes, they are done. The read through isn’t, but in terms of what I planned to do this month, we’re all good! Wow.

Changes To My Plans

This is the full list of what remains, just to remind myself of what is going on. Like usual, I list changes in red, new items in green and completed tasks are struck out.

  • Release ‘On A Knife Point’ in paperback and digital forms and thus complete the ‘Saar’s Legacy’ trilogy

    Credit: Moi

    • Complete deep edits
    • Send through beta readers
    • Complete beta edits
    • Final edits
    • Commission cover design
    • Format for all formats
      • Smashwords
      • Amazon
      • Createspace
    • List as pre order
    • Release
  • Complete the release of ‘Dead And Alive, Season One’
    • Release Episode Four (Resistance) on February 15
    • Release Episode Five (Answers) on April 15
      • Release
    • Release Episode Six (Crossroads) on June 15
      • Complete deep edits
      • Format
        • Amazon
        • Smashwords
      • List as pre order
      • Release
  • Submit ‘Clash of the Animal Kings’ to agents/small presses/open submission calls
    • Rewrite and edits
    • Beta readers
    • Further edits
    • Seek suitable submission opportunities
      • Agents
      • Small presses
      • Open submission calls
    • Submit
  • Outline plans for my traditional fantasy serial (I suppose it’s Wheel of Time-esque), especially to figure out how many novels it will take to tell the tale and how I would release them if I chose to start writing in 2017.
  • Outline plans for a new series, following/featuring characters from ‘Dead And Alive’

Targets for March 2016

  • Get Episode Six (Crossroads) ready for release and listed as a pre order
  • Clean up ‘On A Knife Point’ and send to Beta Readers
  • Commission ‘On A Knife Point’ cover design with Dave Johnson
  • Spend some time compiling x4 ideas for novel length stories featuring ‘Dead And Alive’ characters

Activities This Fortnight (complete by 13/3/16)

  • Complete final read of Crossroads
  • Format Crossroads
  • Approach my panel of Beta Readers
  • Put together cover brief for Dave Johnson and send


thinking boy, black and white, with questions marks around his head

Credit: ryanlerch at OpenClipArt

I’m looking forward to this. ‘On A Knife Point’ is so different to the previous two books in Saar’s Legacy. I’m keen to see how people react to the level of action happen here and, whether or not a certain someone enjoys a particular character a little more. 😉

I’m also thrilled at the idea of being done. This trilogy has consumed my writing life for so long (SO LONG!).  Being near the end is liberating, terrifying and exciting. I’ll finally be ‘free’ to work on some of the other ideas seething in my head.

This is the finish line now, I can see the tape fluttering in the breeze . . . and the plate of delicious, chocolate chip reward-cookies at the end! 😉


Credit: Moi

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