RS Bonus Blog: Shhh, The Kids Are Sleeping!, Out Now (#Giveaway)

Ticking along nicely here.

Announcing the fourth tale in my Smexxy Snippets series, this one named ‘Shh, The Kids Are Sleeping!’

Not to deny that I’ve drawn from real life on this one, but seriously . . . gettin’ on daaayywn with kids around is hard work. I felt a strong desire to write about this and let folk now that it is possible.

. . . Just. 😉

Sleep when the baby sleeps? Naaaah!

Getting twin girls Jenna and Josie to sleep during the day is a task Charlotte is determined to master. Not only will she able to—finally!—have a long, hot shower, but she may also be able to deal with the stack of washing-up that refuses to go down, despite her best efforts.

Seems a perfect plan, except her husband Tom returns early from work with some fantastic news and he wants nothing more than to celebrate. Despite Charlotte’s insistence that they can’t go out, Tom soon explains that he had other more home-based activities in mind.

Soon the pair of them are shucking their clothes, touching each other in a way neither has had time or energy for since Jenna’s birth. As their new-found passion tasks them upstairs, soft whimpers from the babies’ room remind Charlotte of the need to be as quiet as possible.

After all, they don’t want to wake the babies.

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I’m also pleased to say that I’ll be giving away a copy of this Smexxy Snippet and all the ones previous to one lucky winner. All you need do is comment on this post, before March 31, describing the most irritating interruption to sexy times that you can think of.

Draw from real life if you like, make it up if you prefer, but the most creative answer will win Smexxy Snippets One, Two, Three and Four in the format of their choosing (epub / mobi / pdf).

Go for it!

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