RS: eBook Review – Fool For Love (High Rise Novella, One), Harper Bliss

Cover art: Fool For Love (High Rose Novella One)

Credit: Harper Bliss

Author: Harper Bliss
Title: Fool For Love (High Rise Novella, One)
Genre: F/F Romance
Length: ’72 pages’

“Betrayed by her long-term girlfriend, Alex moves into The Ivy to share a flat with her friend Nat. When she meets their neighbour Maddie, a jaded expat who’s had about enough of Hong Kong’s demanding life style, both Maddie and Alex are forced to reassess their warped view on love.

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Simple. Elegant in an understated way. It certainly seems to fit with the rest of F/F erotica I see out there, so it will do. Nothing special, but it doesn’t have to be. My attention has already been snagged by the fact that the piece (at the time of writing) is free. ^_^


Four independent and mature women come together in various ways as their various love lives (or lack their of) collide following a series of workout sessions in the local gym.


It’s a tricky thing keeping track of so many characters, even in a novella as short as this. Thankfully, of the four women, only two were POV characters so I’ll chat about those in brief.
Maddie: The wrong end of an office affair. Poor thing, I felt for her to begin with and then again as more is revealed about the other end of that relationship. It happens sometimes and it’s just sad when mistakes cause pain. I think she is my fav of the POV women.
Alex: Formerly jilted lover. Hmm. Dunno. Came off as eeeeever so slightly neurotic to me. And stuck. I know past events can really muck people up but for a horrible moment I really did think she wouldn’t be able to get past it and move forward. And that would have upset me.


Defo erotic. It’s tricky writing good F/F since you can’t rely too heavily on pronouns. I’ve seen the pronoun game played a little better than this, but that didn’t stop the action from being smoking hot when it came.

Overall experience:

Well paced and a good length. I don’t think this particular part of the story could have gone on for much longer, though I understand that there are three more from this series of novellas to follow. I will certainly look them up (eventually) but for now, since Maddie and Alex are the focus characters I’m satisfied with the ending of ‘Fool For Love.’

Final score:

Average across all scores is 3.6, which rounds out to 3.5 fireballs.

Satisfies my growing desire for HEA and HFN and suitably engaging around the tale of the main two characters. I would have liked to touch more on Nat (I actually found her the most interesting of the four!) but I’m hoping that the following books will feature her story a little more.Raven's Signature In Black


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