Mah Goals – wc 23/12


So close! Soooooo close! I’m never normally excited about it, but this year is different. I don’t know why. There is a ridiculous pile of presents hiding in the study and yes, while they’re all (mostly) for the boys, I can’t help but stare at them and think ‘wheeeeeee!’ And of course looking at the decorations. We’ve put them in the kitchen this year; the safer to keep them away from grabbing, grubby fingers. I think it will be a while before we’re able to have a tree anywhere near where the boys can get to it. *shrugs* Meh. It’s still pretty.

So… yesterday! Yesterday was the Funk Master’s birthday and I treated him (eventually) but getting up early with the boys and letting him skate. I did subsequently run off the skate (which was great, by the way), but that’s okay. He didn’t mind. In the evening we went to see The Hobbit; The Desolation of Smaug. ^_^ His idea, by the way, not mine! :-p

Line drawing, tattoo style, black and white dragon from open clip art.

No, this isn’t Smaug, but it is a cute little dragon, isn’t it?

The film was excellent. I’m torn between frothing at the mouth over how beautiful it was and how irritated I am at how much of it was changed/removed/added/completely FUBAR-ed just to spin out the franchise with two films longer than it really should have had. I mean… yes… a lot of things shown did happen, but they are outside the story; you’ll find the events, if you care to look, detailed in the various appendixes of Lord Of The Rings. Not in The Hobbit which was a considerably smaller book. *tears hair* I think… in the end, I’ll just have to except that I enjoyed it, because it was freaking awesome, and get over the fact that it really is based LOOSELY on JRR Tolkien’s work.

Sigh… anyway…!

Last Week

I think it got a bit hammered but the Christmas season early because I didn’t do as much as I was hoping last week. I met the major goals, but there are still a couple of gaps, y’know?

Get the last transcript done. Draw a line under it, baby!.
Finished! The project is over! WHEEEEEEE! Just need to send off my last batch of invoices and it’s done, done, done! Phew!

Check daily for paid gubbins.
Mostly daily. But even if I didn’t manage daily I still got some done and drew down a smidge of cash on Friday. Very handy for last minute shopping. So that’s all good. And, since I’m still in a good mood I won’t talk about how eBay and PayPal combined cocked up my accounts from taking money when they shouldn’t have. *shakes fist*

Finish draft of ‘Bill’ (I’m not far off, I should be able to do that).
Done. Started the ‘Eric & Morgan’ too, so I’m further ahead than I thought I would be. Strictly speaking that’s one of Raven’s goals, but I’ll take about it here just the same.

Start re-reading Slippers & Chains to decide what needs to happen next.
Another of Raven’s goals. Read. Straight through from start to finish. The fact that once we started it was hard to stop reading is a good sign. It means that we’re still hooked on the story and interested in the characters, even after the break. That will need some editing now.

Take a look at just desserts story (working title I Need A Break) and make general notes about editing plans.
I’ve looked at it. I can use it, thankfully, it just needs some hammering. Quite a bit of hammering actually. But I should be able to get it in a decent state by Jan 15 for the competition. *fingers crossed*

Leave SORB alone! Don’t change it, don’t mess with it, nothing!
Still managing it. Heh, easiest goal ever! ^_^

Goals For This Week

Hmm. Checking back against my goals for the month it seems I’ve done everything I wanted to do except for the ‘enjoy Christmas’ part. So… I guess I’ll add in some extra things to keep my ticking over.

  • Start real work on ‘I Need A Break’ rather than just thinking about it.
  • Check daily for paid work.
  • Make rough list of what I want to achieve in 2014 in preparation for goal reassessment
  • Continue working on ‘Eric & Morgan’ at least 500 words
  • Leave SORB alone! Don’t change it, don’t mess with it, nothing!

There. That should keep my busy. My sister will be by at the end of the week and there will be comings and goings from Dave’s family as well. Looking forward to all of it; it’s going to be awesome.

For all you fine people… have a good Christmas and I’ll catch you again before the year ends.
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