Bonus (rant) Blog – A Piece of My Soul Just Died

I don’t normally hop on the band wagon of these things. There’s no need. But this… I saw this today and felt compelled to stick it on my Facebook. Further compelled to put it here.

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What the hell kind of use for books is this? Seriously? Why? Just… why…?

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4 Responses to Bonus (rant) Blog – A Piece of My Soul Just Died

  1. Only one word came to me – uneducated and ignorant peasants! Destroying books is a crime…think of the Nazi’s burning thousands!


  2. Actually, the art made from old books can be quite beautiful. ^.^ I wouldn’t tear apart good books that I enjoyed (unless I picked up a second copy at Goodwill), but if a book is going to be recycled anyway, why not make it into something beautiful? Often bookstores have to send extra books to be shredded and reused, so rather than completely destroy them, they make them into art.

    I also buy old books (misc. romance novels and the like) for 25¢ at the library to make into journals. It’s pretty cool. 🙂

    But, I can respect your decision to not art old books. Displaying them is cool, too!


    • Raven ShadowHawk says:

      I’ve seen some beautiful art made from books. I remember having mixed emotions about it until I realised that those books were battered, broken, bruised, missing pages and generally unable to be read. Knowing that they were going to be turned into something pretty wasn’t so bad.

      But…! This project? My main issue is that the books she was using were in perfectly good condition. Able to be recycled (to charity shops, jumble sales, libraries, book vans, anything). And yet, she sliced off the spines and just left all those pages filled with beautiful words in a pile to the side.


      Interesting though; I’m fascinated by the idea of turning old books into journals. Do you mean the covers, because I’m having trouble visualising it (it’s late, I’ve run out of coffee!).

      I have a vague memory of once, when I was younger, taking some Mills & Boon (eep!) and doing something weird and (hopefully) creative with them. Wish I could remember what it was now.

      I guess my feelings on the matter have changed a tonne since then. o.O


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