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Mah Goals – wc 28/10

Yes… if you’re curious, that’s just what I happen to be listening to while writing this. This track and the rest of his album that I bought the other day. SO GOOD! ANYWAY! I’ve had a lovely week. Yesterday was … Continue reading

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What Kobo (and #Kobogeddon) Has Done For Me

I don’t normally hop onto the trending social media bandwagons. I generally avoid getting involved because 1) I don’t have anything to say, 2) I don’t understand it or 3) I don’t care. Or all three. However, over the last … Continue reading

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Mah Goals – wc 21/10

Have I ever told you guys how lucky I am? Just generally? Let’s take a look at last week. I have: -Enjoyed several lengthy lie-ins (until 9am!!!) while Dave got up and had fun with the boys -Had not one, … Continue reading

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Bonus Blog: LAUNCH DAY! ^_^ #happyface

So… I’ve taken some time to write this post. Dunno why. But I have. Maybe I’ve left the stuff of the day distract me. Whatever. I’m here now. And so, apparently, is ‘Vicki & Lara.’ My first ebook. Boo yaah! … Continue reading

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Kobo Cull Self-Published Titles In Knee-jerk Response To Tabloid Clickbait

Originally posted on David Gaughran:
A media firestorm erupted in the UK on Sunday after a tabloid story about WH Smith selling “filth” alongside books aimed at children, which has resulted in Kobo culling huge numbers of self-published titles –…

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Mah Goals – wc 14/10

Another weekend (and week) of fun! Wonderful, wonderful fun! Have any of you heard of the sport roller derby? I’d not – not really – until Dave mentioned it a while back. He kept asking me if I wanted to … Continue reading

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Cover Reveal – Vicki & Lara …OOOOOOOOOMFG!

I’m having a bit of trouble thinking straight tonight. I should have posted this several hours ago, for instance. Instead, I’ve been staring at the screen and gurgling like a stuffed up tap. I’m weird. Who knew? Oh. You did? … Continue reading

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