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RS: The Problem With Reader Reviews

Ooooooh boy. I wasn’t going to say anything. I was going to let it the hell go and keep my mouth shut. But I can’t. I just . . . I can’t. By now, if you’re a writerly type, or … Continue reading

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Write What You Know

Aaah yes, that fabulous piece of advice telling you to stick with what you know so as to maintain authenticity in your writing. I think it’s pretty good advice. After all, you can’t really write about something in a believable … Continue reading

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Presents n Thanks n Junk

Christmas next week. By the time you hear from me next the ‘big day’ would have come and gone. And we’ll be looking forward to the new year. Woo. I get more excited about New Year as an event, than … Continue reading

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I’ve Decided… Something Slightly Crazy

I’ve had a great week. Über productive and filled with fun things. Getting work done at a fantastic rate and seeing work progress on the Meeting Each Other series that gives me warm fuzzy feelings as time goes on. 2014 … Continue reading

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What’s Next?

Good question. Ileandra finished her NaNoWriMo at a speed I envy greatly. Not that I couldn’t write that many words in so short a time, but mainly that my pieces tend to run shorter and therefore don’t give me the … Continue reading

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Holy freakin wow! What an amazing milestone!Never, ever did I imagine I would keep up with this blogging thing long enough to write 500 posts. I feel… light. Happy. Proud. ^_^ And this isn’t just my achievement; it’s yours too. … Continue reading

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#GoodThingsJar2013 October Update

What a lovely month! Full of good’uns that I’m so very pleased with. This writing and posting goals, business is really keeping me productive. Not least because you can see my goals and that makes me accountable, but also having … Continue reading

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