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IY: Fantasy Creatures – Elves – Hoity Toity Delicate Snobs?

Aaaaaaall righty then! First, sorry the post is late! Second, we’re moving on to a new fantasy creature. For the next few weeks I’m going to be chatting about elves—particularly fun as I get to talk about LARP a hell of … Continue reading

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IY: High/Traditional Fantasy

I was talking about fantasy, wasn’t I? Before a bunch of stuff happened? I made plans to talk about why I love fantasy in all it’s forms and take you though some of the bits I love most. So today, … Continue reading

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Epic Fantasy Is FUCKING EPIC!!! (& Mah Plans – 18/08)

A Song of Ice and Fire a while ago. Or at least as far as it goes so far. I powered through those books in a way I haven’t for a long, long time. They’re amazing! Wonderful characterisation, rich and … Continue reading

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I Need A Holiday…

…A very long holiday. I don’t expect I shall return. In fact I don’t mean to. Yes, that IS a quote from The Lord Of The Rings, and yes, I’m applying it to myself. Before you panic, I won’t be … Continue reading

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Reading As A Reader, Reading As A Writer, Reading As An Editor

I picked up a book last week. My absolute favourite author in the world and yet there are several books by him I haven’t read yet. One of them was a movie adaptation from the well known Hammer Horror franchise. … Continue reading

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