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Posts in which I step away from my work to talk loudly (sometimes angrily, sometimes cheerfully) about real life stuff.

DSB: Real Life Bits 12/04

Heeeeeeeeey you lot! It’s me again. And I have lots I want to share with you today. I’ll try to keep things brief(ish) so it’s not a big wedge of text, but try to keep up, huh? Buckle in. 😉 … Continue reading

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DSB: Real Life Bits 28/03

Hi everyone! It’s recently (and by recently I mean, for ages) been in my mind that you fine people actually care about me. Not just the highly entertaining (I hope) highjinks of Ileandra and Raven, but me, Leah. That’s wonderfully … Continue reading

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RS: Open Letter To #TheSprogs

Boys, You’ll be at nursery in a couple of hours. In your own sweet way you know I’m working and that it’s important for me to have this time away from you. It’s not because I don’t love you, it’s … Continue reading

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When I Went Back Home… (& Mah Plans – 14/07)

I’m back. I’m daft. If I had any sense, when Raven prepped her posts for our time I away I would have done the same because there was no way I could have prepared one for this morning feeling as … Continue reading

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A Brief Interlude – (& I Haz No Planz )

So… today I (or at least Da Shared Brain) am off for a LARP. We’ve talked about it here enough times for you to know what it is. If you’re new, then think of cross country theatre. That’s the best … Continue reading

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