DSB: Real Life Bits 28/03

Hi everyone! It’s recently (and by recently I mean, for ages) been in my mind that you fine people actually care about me. Not just the highly entertaining (I hope) highjinks of Ileandra and Raven, but me, Leah. That’s wonderfully humbling and I realise that there hasn’t been much of me for quite some time. So I present:

Real Life Bits

I don’t know how often I’ll be doing this, but I figure since you guys are curious and caring and interested, it would be nice to give you a semi-regular update on what’s happening with me. This serves the dual purpose of also allowing both Ileandra and Raven to talk about themselves with no interruptions from yours truly.

Today is an update on my boys . . . because why not? 🙂

I think it was Ileandra who mentioned that our nursery closed down. That means that the boys have been with me this whole week but for a few interludes where Dave was able to take them on around his work schedule. It hasn’t been like that for a good many months and it’s been a bit of a shock to remember just how draining it can be to entertain a pair of (almost) three year olds for five straight days.

Well . . . I did it. We’ve come out the other side (relatively) unscathed and we’re all still very much adoring of each other. We even had fun in all the Richard III activities scattered throughout the city, which led to this extremely entertaining photo:

Strike a post photo - my boys

This is what happens when you shout ‘Strike a pose!’ …the crowns are just a bonus.

There are some new nurseries on the horizon and we’re looking to start them there following the Easter break. Not that it will be long before they start Foundation One (reception) classes. That’s this September.

I remember so well my posts while pregnant, worrying that they wouldn’t like me, or that I’d be a terrible mother, or that I’d just fall to bits and never manage to repair myself.

Well . . . I won’t deny that it’s been a hard few years, but look at them. Just look at my beautiful, super-intelligent, kind, polite and talented children. I’d say I’ve done okay for myself, right?


About Da Shared Brain

I am the mind behind Ileandra Young and Raven ShadowHawk. They call me da shared brain (DSB) and I quite like it, so I thought I'd make my presence here known. You won't hear from me much, but enough to remind you that I'm here.
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2 Responses to DSB: Real Life Bits 28/03

  1. Stand proud…you have and are doing a great job, and will continue to do so… X


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