RS: I Haz Planz 08/02/16 & January 2016 Round Up

Whelp, that’s one month of the new year down. Nadda bad, right? ^_^ And it went so quickly too. I suppose I should be used to that, but it’s still a shock to look back and realise just how much I’ve accomplished.

Actions Over The Past Fortnight

~Complete editing on ‘The Back Seat of My Sister’s Car,’ upload and list
Sorted! All completed in preparation for release on February 22.

~Draft ‘Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?’
Done. It’s a sweet little story, far more so than many of the others snippets I’ve written so far. I have a soft spot for this one.

~Draft ‘Not Another Blind Date’
Half way through. I actually got bored. Ha, can you believe it? I think that means there’s something wrong with my outline if I don’t even want to finish the damn thing. Whatever the case, there’s only a little left to go, but I just couldn’t get myself to finish it. Ah well. This week, I guess.

January 2016 Round Up

SS02 - Domme~Ensure the release of my second Smexxy Snippet (‘A Domme At The Club‘) releases as planned on January 22 2016 on both Amazon and Smashwords
All done. ^_^ See the links above to check it out.

~Draft the next two Smexxy Snippets (‘The Back Seat of My Sister’s Car’ & ‘Shh, The Kids Are Sleeping!’)
All done. In fact, I’m skipping ahead with ‘Sister’s Car’ and other snippets in the series (see above).

Change That Shit Up

Rather like Ileandra, my list is stupid-long, so I’ve removed some of the nesting until I get to those parts later in the year. New tasks in green, changes/clarifications in red and completed tasks struck out, just like before.

  • Complete the Slippers & Chains series in full
  • Release the first ten Smexxy Snippets
    • ‘A Domme At The Club’
      • Release
    • The Back Seat of My Sister’s Car’
      • Draft
      • Edit
      • Format & list
      • Release
    • ‘Shh, The Kids Are Sleeping!’
      • Draft
      • Edit
      • Format & list
      • Release
    • ‘In The Back Row of the Cinema’
      • Draft
      • Edit
      • Format & list
      • Release
    • ‘Guess Who’s Coming For Dinner’
      • Draft
      • Edit
      • Format & list
      • Release
    • ‘Not Another Blind Date’
    • ‘It’s Fun To Share’
    • ‘So . . . I Bought A New Toy’
    • ‘Because Magic Is Sexy’
  • Plan some type of series/serial that I’ll enjoy writing for the foreseeable future

Targets For February 2016

I’m rethinking my monthly release schedule for these snippets. Not that I can’t do it—it isn’t actually difficult since I’m so far ahead—more that I don’t want to saturate my readers with too much all at once. I know the stories are short and priced very low, but it could end up a case of too much of a good thing.

In light of that, I’ll be shifting the Smexxy Snippets releases to every other month (after March so that my schedule doesn’t clash with Ileandra’s releases of Dead And Alive). Sure, that will make the whole series last a little longer, but there’s nothing wrong with that. It also means I can relax still further and ensure that everything really is as perfect as my CDO demands.

SS03 - CarAnyway, that means this month will look like this:

  1. Ensure the release of my third Smexxy Snippet (‘The Back Seat of My Sister’s Car’) releases as planned on February 22 2016 on both Amazon and Smashwords
  2. Complete and list the fourth Smexxy Snippet: ‘Shh, The Kids Are Sleeping!’
  3. Complete the draft of ‘Not Another Blind Date’
  4. Draft ‘It’s Fun To Share’

Activities For This Fortnight

Easy! Right? Heh, we’ll see. So, given that there are only three weeks of the month left, this is how I’m going to spend this first fortnight:

  1. Complete deep edits on ‘Shh, The Kids Are Sleeping’
  2. Complete first draft of ‘Not Another Blind Date’ (after figuring out what’s bothering me about the words I have so far)

Thoughts . . .

I think that’s plenty to be getting on with. I’m also letting my mind draft with regards to my new serial/series idea something that I won’t mind writing one/two instalments of, per year. Now hard focus on it yet though, not until all the Smexxy Snippets are complete at least as far as first draft.

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I take great pleasure in writing erotica and am merely one side of the proverbial coin. My other half, 'Ileandra Young' writes fantasy and the occasional comedy piece. My six-part series 'Meeting Each Other' is available in full, through Amazon and Smashwords while my debut novella 'Sugar Dust' is now re-released (!) available through Amazon via Little Vamp Press.
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