RS: I Haz Planz 08/10/15

A week into October and . . . something happened. It’s brilliant! I’ve been working on Slippers & Chains Three’ (now tentatively named ‘Picking Out Curtains’) and I’m over 5k words in. In four days! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

I love this whole writing in the morning thing (DSB is going to talk about this on Saturday) but so far, all I can say is that it’s working and that since The Sprogs switched to daily nursery, I’ve never felt so productive and in control of what I’m working on. Oooo yeah.

happy dance gif from The Office

Yes . . . I’ll be using this GIF a lot.

Actions Last Week

blank calendar from OpenClipArt~Write up stand-in blurb for ‘Slippers & Chains Three’ to go in the back of ‘Slippers & Chains: Second Base’
No. I decided against this late in the week when I realised that I just didn’t know enough about the story to write a blurb for it yet. And at that point I hadn’t written a word, so it just seemed silly to try. Then I did a little snooping around and realise that in the ‘Upcoming From’ or ‘Coming soon From’ sections of other books I’ve read, only titles are included. Well, sometimes there is a blurb or a line or two, but, for the most part, I see just the title. So w
hy should I mess with that convention? Besides, it means I can focus on actually writing the piece rather than panicking over what the blurb needs to be.

~Double check formatting on all three versions of ‘Slippers & Chains: Second Base’
Disorganised Raven is Disorganised! Three versions? No, no. I have a Smashwords version of the file, but I remembered (too late to avoid the work!) that I’m testing Amazon’s power by only selling ‘Slippers & Chains’ through Amazon. That means I only have two files to worry about: Kindle and CreateSpace.
Aah well. It’s done now. No need to worry. And . . . if I change my mind later, the file for Smashwords is ready.

~Complete all background admin for ‘Slippers & Chains: Second Base’ across Amazon, Smashwords and CreateSpace (do not upload files yet)
Pffft, ‘do not upload files.’ This was before my cover was complete (yes, more good news!) so ignored that part of the goal. The Kindle version is now up and available for pre-order. The CreateSpace file is under review with the design team and I’ll soon know if I can order a proof.

~Write 1,000 of ‘Slippers & Chains Three’
^_^ At the time of writing, I’d written 5,671 words. By the time this post goes live, that figure may be closer to 6,550 if I do a little more. I’m SO chuffed with the progress and loving the effect of sitting down to write in the morning. Why oh why didn’t I do this sooner?!

 Activities For This Week

  1. Order proof for ‘Slippers & Chains: Second Base’
  2. Write 5,000 words of ‘Slippers & Chains: Picking Out Curtains’ ^_^
  3. Write a fresh Smexxy Snippet

Thoughts . . .

checking off feedbackSo! I’m a happy bunny right now and thrilled with the progress made through a series of very small changes. My drafting eye is back, I’m less tired and feeling lighter and brighter about all my prospects.

Man . . . I’m a bit of a yo-yo where mood is concerned, but I’ll not deny that the good bits feel really, really good!

Oh, and who wants to see my shiny new cover?

06 SC-SB


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