RS: eBook Review – Wetter, Harper Bliss

Credit: Harper Bliss

Author: Harper Bliss
Title: Wetter
Genre: F/F Erotica
Length: 14 ‘pages’

Rachel has had a crush on her spin instructor Toni for months. One late night visit to the locker room steam cabin transforms her fantasies into hot, steaming reality.


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Following her spin class in which Rachel has been shoved front and centre but showing up late, she finds some hot smexxy time with the instructor, Toni.

I was worried about giving away spoilers, but I’m not sure that I can with these shorts.


Rachel: Chick With Fantasy.
Nina: Basis of All Fantasies.

Again, I’m not entirely certain that this part of my review is appropriate for this story as there isn’t much for me to say about this pair. But I am going to keep it in. A short story is a short story – I should be able to measure all of them using the same rules and if I can’t, then that should be mentioned.


Actually . . . not sure why, but didn’t like this one quite as much as some of Ms Bliss’ others. Something about this felt rushed. I know they were in the shower, but there is a way to convey urgency without the text itself being rushed. And this story didn’t quite manage it. For me, anyway. 

Overall experience:

Another short and sweet story. More character development and actual story than others, but still not enough. Ho hum.

Final score:

Average across all scores is 2.9, which rounds out to 3 fireballs.

I wanted more. I know the story was a freebie, so I feel a bit cheeky demanding it, but I do feel that if something is ‘sold’ as a story, it should be a story rather than just a scene. It’s a recurring theme I’m finding across Ms Bliss’ shorter pieces which leads me to believe I should just grab a full length novel and give her a chance to flex her wings. I imagine that would be far more satisfying overall.

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