RS: eBook Review – My Secretary, My Mistress, Eve Langlais

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Credit: Eve Langlais

Author: Eve Langlais
Title: My Secretary, My Mistress
Genre: BDSM Erotica
Length: ’66 pages’

A fiery one night stand between a boss and his secretary should have signaled the start of a relationship. Instead, he uses it as an excuse to avoid her.

But Isabelle won’t be ignored.

It’s time for this secretary to reverse the roles, and she’s got a plan to bring her boss to his knees.

However, Isabelle is after more than just revenge, she wants her boss to let go of his inhibitions and let Isabelle take charge.

From now on, she’s going to be the one giving the orders.

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. . . I feel like I shouldn’t like this. But through getting through so many of this stories it’s quickly becoming plain that I don’t have a particular ‘type.’ Either I like something or I do. This . . . this I like. A lot. ^_^


Following a roaring night of impromptu passion, Isabelle wakes to see Grant (her boss!) sneaking out of bed and leaving her behind. The following day, at work, though she expects discretion, she doesn’t expect to be roundly ignored. For a full week! By the end of it she decides to show Grant, once and for all that ignoring her is a terrible idea. Cue smexxy!


Isabelle: The Secretary. The story is primarily from her POV and I think that was for the best. She’s smart mouthed, keen on what she wants, when she wants it, but instead of being irritating – as she might have been! – this character managed to wrangle me onto her side pretty quick. And Not just by pulling the whole ‘oh, woe, he didn’t call me after our dynamite shag’ gag. No, no. She felt . . . real, which was fantastic.
Grant: The Boss. My first thought was ‘idiot!’ My next thought was ‘oooh, you’re going to get it!’ But again, I understood his plight and sided with him reasonably quickly when it became plain he’s not just a douche. And beyond all that, finding a submissive man, written well is a pleasure I don’t often get to indulge in. This representation ticked all the boxes for me.


Hooooly, fucking fuck! This book sizzled and I wanted it to go on for a hell of a lot longer. The scenes we did get were delish, and, even if there was no outright sexual activity, the tension remained sky-high and tingle-inducing. Lovely stuff.

Overall experience:

A fabulous read. I only wish it was longer! I had a ball following these characters and raced through the book in record time.

There was only one problem and I do, unfortunately, have to mark this item down because of it. Typos. Grammatical errors. Everywhere. 😦 I dunno if it’s a poor proofreading job, or if I’m lucky and I got hold of an early version where these little niggles were caught, but they kept popping up and each time I did, it jarred. A pity, because the book itself was incredible and I enjoyed it immensely.

Final score:

Average across all scores is 4.6, which rounds out to 4.5 fireballs.

Yep. Just a few little niggles dragged this one down, but not enough that it’s made a huge impact. If you’re looking for a saucy little story about a kinky little Domme getting her way over a squealing male submissive, then nab this book. It’s free (at the time of writing) and certainly worth nabbing.

For the record, I’ve already snagged the next took ‘My Secretary, Her Fantasy’ and I’ll be reading that one soon because the ending . . . woah, the ending for ‘My Secretary, My Mistress’ . . . just read it, okay. 😉

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