RS: Tropes In Erotica – The ‘Hard’ Domme and The ‘Teasing’ Domme

In the erotica I’ve read to date, the Domme/Femdom/female dominant is a fun one to play with. The most recent example is the character in a wonderful novella by Eve Langlais named ‘My Secretary, My Mistress.’ I won’t say too much about it here as I’ve already written a review (which will post at some point!) but it is an excellent read, if you’re curious.

Anyway, there seems to be two distinct splinters in the case of female dominants and they are either the ‘hard’ Mistress or the ‘teasing’ Mistress.

The Hard Domme: Just Wants To Spank Folk

pair of shiny silver handcuffs

Credit: radacina

A lot. They enjoy the power and the rush they get from control over another and yes, while I can appreciate that this can be a great part of what the character is about, it just seems to be ‘for the hell of it’ which is rarely satisfying (to me, personally, as a reader).

These Dommes are also mean! It wavers between the teasing for the eventual satisfaction of both parties and teasing because she loves to hear a man (or woman, actually) shriek and scream.

There is a market for this sort of character – or else folk wouldn’t keep writing it! – but personally, this sort of Domme is not to my taste as much as:

The Teasing Domme: A Big, Fat Softy

black feather with shadow

Credit: beakman

I don’t see this one as much, though I remember her popping up in my early forays into the depths of Literotica . . . take from that what you will.

This Domme finds her pleasure in the tease and she is far more sensual and gentle than her sadistic counterpart. She’s the one that uses feathers and oils and silk scarves instead of handcuffs, whips and flogs.

She also doesn’t mind the occasional blow job, which is something the Hard Domme rarely ‘reduces’ herself to. The Teasing Domme knows that her pet (rarely slave!) will be far happier and willing to serve, if satisfied just as well as she is.

line break, swirling graphics, from openclipart

I find this interesting, not so much because the pair are so vastly different from each other, but because of the stories that grow around them. You’d think that characters as different as these would end up in utterly different places, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I see fewer examples of the ‘Teasing Domme’ than of the ‘Hard Domme’ but they are there, bringing their men to dizzying heights of pleasure while clinging to them for the ride.

It’s actually kinda sweet. ^_^

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