IY: Fantasy Creatures – Unicorns – In Films

line drawing unicorn

Credit: Faldrian

Got a new thing I want to try: keeping blog posts below the 750 word mark. 500 if I can manage it. Heh, should be fun. Go!

Last week I talked about how little I know about unicorns. That hasn’t changed much. But there are three films in which I remember their being unicorns and all of them are films I quite like. I’ll count them down.

Five: Bladerunner

This is reported knowledge as I can’t remember anything from this film beyond Harrison Ford. But, according to the interwebs, a unicorn was featured in a dream sequence somewhere in this film, using clips cut from a film further down in this list. 😉

Four: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Fairly certain there’s a unicorn in here somewhere. In fact, I think one of the characters (possibly Edmund?) rode a unicorn into battle after Aslan was raised. Hmm. Will have to watch it again to be sure.

Three: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Nice and easy. Voldemort was drinking unicorn blood to help him regenerate from his mingy, not-really-there body. Unicorns in this world are good and pure (and drawn particularly to females) and have healing/regenerative powers. All pretty standard if you ask me and probably the most recent incarnation of unicorns I’ve spied on film.

Two: Legend

Aaah, Tom Curise and Tim Curry. Unicorns bring lightness and good to the world and one nasty chap wants to kill them off and thus do away with sunlight. With no sunlight to hide from he can leave his cage and do a whole heap of nasty things. In this film unicorns have an otherwordly, ethereal sort of feel. They’re just good and wholesome and though it’s been a few years since I last saw the film I don’t think their powers are ever fully explained the way they are in Harry Potter. Strange, but that just doesn’t bother me.

One: The Last Unicorn

This was one of my absolute favourite films growing up. It’s only since buying the DVD and watching it again that I’ve come to realise how dark and bleak it is in places. And how gruesome! King Haggard loves beautiful things and has sent his giant, fiery Red Bull out into the forests to collect all the unicorns and drive them into the sea. Our heroine unicorn goes off to hunt for them and finds a motely crew of characters on the way, including a washed up wizard and a past-her-best maid Marian style woman who is both furious and delighted to see her. I love this film, all the more because I’ve been able to watch it with grown up eyes. When I think of unicorns at all, this is always what I think of first.

angry standing unicorn

Credit: j4p4n

I’m sure there are more. In fact I’d appreciate it if you’d discuss with me in the comments. What films have you come across that feature unicorns heavily (or even in passing)? Have you heard of these ones? Do you wish there were more unicorns on the silver screen?

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2 Responses to IY: Fantasy Creatures – Unicorns – In Films

  1. You did well to come up with that list…I have been trying to think if I can add to it, but alas I can’t think of another one.
    Good luck with short blog posts, my latest is 770, but 500 is much better, and usually gets me more comments. Strange but true.


    • There are a couple of unicorn shows from the 80s but I’ve brevet seen them so I didn’t put them in. I’m sure there’s more – there must be! – but it kinda proves the point that unicorns are under used. 😉
      This list took me AGES to compile. And lots of brain bending


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