Spoiler Alert (The Butler Did It) – & I Haz Planz 12/06

This keeps coming up. Across Facebook, Twitter, general conversation… the prickly subject of spoilers stabs me again and again until I’ve no choice but to talk about it.

Giving away major plot points/twists/turns to someone yet to read/watch/listen to a book/film/radio show.

I think it’s a bloody mean thing to do unless asked. On some level it steals something from the experience of enjoying a story for the first time. If you know character X is going to die, are you really going to be invested enough to read through the book or watch the film? If you know who the killer is, has the mystery been lost? If you know the final destination, is the journey worthless?

Not if the story is told well.

That *points* is a post for another time because I want to focus on spoilers; mainly spoilers on Game of Thrones.
A Song of Ice and Fire, the hefty book series upon which the HBO series is based first hit stores in 1996.
It’s now 2014.
I appreciate that many people haven’t/can’t/won’t read those enormous books and that they prefer to watch the films, but can we think about this for a second?

If, watching this show, you don’t want any spoilers, you’re effectively asking anybody who might have read these books 18 years ago to keep schtumm about it.
18 years.
Call me odd, but that’s a long time to ask someone to keep quiet about something they love.

And is that fair? Of course it isn’t.

The core of my view on spoilers (for any series/book/show, not just Game of Thrones) is this:

-If your friends or people you know give you spoilers on purpose, when they know you’d prefer to find out yourself, then they need calling out on it. It’s mean, unfair and unnecessary. Like stealing the last cupcake they knew you were saving for after dinner… it’s not on.

-If your friends or people you know give you spoilers by accident, when they know you’d prefer to find out yourself, then let them know what they’ve done, get their apology and move on. If they’re friends, they probably didn’t mean to upset you. In their love of whatever they’re talking about, it may be that they forgot you hadn’t seen it yet. It’s not to spoil your fun, just to express theirs. And really… is it that big a deal? Really?

-If you’re stumbling about on social media and people you don’t really know are enjoying talking about a show/book/film they’ve watched, and you happen to catch an idea of a plot point or upcoming character death in reading through your feeds, then… oops. Can’t be helped. It sucks, but it happened; get the hell over it and move on. Asking/expecting strangers or acquaintances to leave off talking about something just because you might overhear is unrealistic, unfair and unreasonable.

Take steps if it bothers you that much. Some people I know have installed social media filters to block spoilers. Hell… the only reason I ended up in dialogue about this earlier in the week was because I saw a post on it and thought it was a hoax.
A spoiler filter?
*shrugs* Fair enough.
I know full well that other people are far more wound up by spoilers than I am; several good friends included. I do what I can to avoid ‘spoiling’ something for them but I refuse to stop discussing them. It’s not fair.

If the story is worth it’s salt, then reaching the point you now know is coming will be satisfying in a different way. You get to approach it from a ‘how did this happen?’ angle. Or a ‘let’s see if I can’t figure it out from the clues’ angle. Yes, to some degree, the experience will be different to had you not known, but would you really have picked up that book, turned on that film, tuned in to that radio show, if you didn’t already like the story? You’re not there just to see who dies, or who marries who, or how the sexy alien casts off from his home planet made of blue cheese and crash lands on Earth in a giant paddling pool of melted peanut butter. You’re there for all of it and, in truth, only a small part of it is changed by foreknowledge.

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this. There are plenty of different views and I’m keen to hear them.
Game of Thrones is an odd case, because the books are so old, but what about things like films out on cinema release? I haven’t seen the new X-Men yet or the new Captain America. I haven’t seen any of the seconds series of Orange is The New Black though it’s been out for about a week. And other things made from books; Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, Twilight… do people get as wound up about spoilers for these if they’ve not read the books? Hell… what about films that root in history like Titanic? Is it a spoiler to tell you that pretty much everyone died? I mean… we all know that, right? It actually happened; the damn ship sank.line break, swirling graphics, from openclipartAnyway….

On the goal front I’m still feeling a bit delicate. My stitches are doing well (one of them fell out in the night; I found it in my bed – eeew) and there’s minimal pain. I have a bunch of other stuff wrong with me (I’ve been to the doctors several times already this week and I have to go again today for a blood test) but I’m not longer woosy. I want to be working.


Two Weeks Ago…

~Make the necessary preparations to send Slippers & Chains to Breathless Press.
Nope. Well, some of them. I just need to double check my synopsis.

~Send Slippers & Chains to Breathless Press.
Nope. Not until the synopsis is of a level I’m satisfied with.

Kinda. If forced bed rest and daytime naps counts. Honestly, I think I’ve slept more in the day this past week than I ever managed when the sprogs were born.

This Week

  1. Finish up my synopsis for Slippers & Chains

  2. Send Slippers & Chains to Breathless Press

There. That’s plenty. ^_^
And… coming up later (Saturday) a post on self sabotage. 😉

See you then!

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3 Responses to Spoiler Alert (The Butler Did It) – & I Haz Planz 12/06

  1. sallyedmans says:

    I hate seeing spoilers. I only get cross if, as you say, people do it intentionally to wind me up. TBH, if people do just about anything with the express intention of winding me up it’ll usually work. That’s just mean.

    I can’t get cross about people discussing GoT on Facebook though, just because I’m not on Sky. I appreciate it if people preface their status with something like “So, GoT last night…” so that I know to skip over that post rather than just posting “X dies!?1!” Which seems a bit mean to me. It takes me forever to catch up, but for someone who’d recorded it to watch tonight… sucks.

    That said, when Sherlock was on we were so insistent that we didn’t want spoilers that we sat up to watch it live – something we haven’t had the impetus to do for years. If avoiding spoilers is really important to you, you can usually find a way around.

    Spoilers are the reason I still haven’t watched Inception. Everyone said not to let anyone tell us anything about it, but I couldn’t hearing the equivalent of ‘Bruce Willis is a ghost’. Once I’ve heard the big twist, that everyone said not to find out before you saw it, the drive to see it for myself plummets.


    • Aaaah Inception. I adore that film and I’ve watched it four times. I tell you what… every time I see it there’s a new layer and I appreciate it just that little bit more. The fact that I know where it’s going doesn’t spoil it for me at all. But that may be because I watched it, first off, without that foreknowledge. Hmm….

      I agree though; there are ways to avoid spoilers if it’s important to you. More than usual.

      I also agree with being careful with your posts on FB and the like. Yes, talk about it, there are dozens of people who want to, and equally there are dozens of people who can’t because they haven’t yet watched whatever it is.
      My trick is to say in the the status itself that I’ll be discussing X, Y or Z and then do so in the comments. That way you won’t even see the potential spoilers unless you open them up. Not everyone thinks so far ahead though.

      We’re keeping up with GoT in this house through luck alone, but, considering that I’m also reading the books, I know that I, for a fact, will catch up to the series well before it finishes. So I’ve given myself the spoilers.

      But I think, the key point is people who do it on purpose… just g’damn mean. No excuse for that. Grr.

      Thanks for weighing in, hon. ^_^


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