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Excerpt time!

I feel like it’s been ages since I promised you guys this. And, to be honest, I may have to take the post away at a later date, but for now, here is an excerpt of Slippers & Chains as it stands currently.

Karen tried to stretch her arms above her head. Bars of metal, half an inch thick prevented her reaching more that six inches beyond her hair. She grunted gave up and turned her gaze to Dan instead.

“Now,” he said, eyes gleaming to match his wicked grin. “Let’s put that pretty mouth of yours to work.” He moved closer and unfastened the top button of his jeans. The belt, discarded long ago, lay across the bed like a flat leather snake. “Come.”

Obedient and eager, Karen shifted onto her knees and crawled forward. Her head bumped the top of the cage several times, but it didn’t stop her pressing flat to the bars and reaching through them with one hand. The tips of her fingers scraped Dan’s bare thigh and a shudder rippled through them both.

“I can’t reach,” she whined.

“Try harder.”

She did. Her wrists clanked against the cage bars, pinning her shackled hands in place an agonising three inches too far away. “Please, Sir. Come closer.”

Dan laughed and dropped his trousers, kicking out of them completely. The boxers went next and he stood before her gloriously naked and ready. Still laughing, he stepped forward and pressed his hips against the top of the cage.

Karen whimpered and tilted her head back, extending her tongue to run it along the salty underside of his cock.

The laugh stopped, strangled out of existence by a low moan at the back of his throat.

The phone rang.

“God damn!”

Though she suspected that Dan’s irritation surpassed hers, Karen raised her eyebrows at his outburst. She watched him snatch the phone off the dresser and raise it to his ear, wedging it against his shoulder. “What? … Sorry, but you’re interrupting. … No, I am glad to hear from you, Mum.”

Lead weights dropped into Karen’s stomach.

“I’m fine, just spending some time with Karen. … My girlfriend. … Yes you do, I talk about her all the time. You’ve met her.”

He began to pace around the cage, a large circuit which past the bed against the far wall, the bookcase and drawers opposite and the wardrobe on the right. Karen watched him move, the strong strides of his naked legs a bizarre contrast to the whine in his voice.

“I’m in the middle of something now, Mum. … Yes, of course. … She’s here with me.”

Karen couldn’t hold herself back. “Tell her to get lost!”

Dan raised a warning finger.

She stuck out her tongue and folded her legs beneath her, dropping back into a sitting position with the handcuff chains dangling in her lap. Her repeated sighs warmed the bare skin on her forearms and ruffled the dark coil of hair hanging into her face.

On the far wall, the wall clock marked out each passing second, each private moment stolen by yet another untimely phone conversation.

“Mum, this really isn’t the best time.”

“Too right,” though low, Karen knew her voice carried. “We’re meant to be playing.”

Again Dan raised his finger, though this time he added a sharp stare. Moments later he turned his wrist to glance at his watch. “That’s twenty minutes away; why didn’t you call sooner?” His next pause was the longest yet and Karen felt the tension of it tickle her skin.

“Shouldn’t you be in an ambulance then?” Dan shoulders slumped forward. “Okay. I’ll come get you. Bye.”

“What the hell?” Karen burst out, as soon as the phone was gone

“Mum and Dad are on their way. They’re at Market Harborough now.”

“We’re a bit busy here.” Rolling her eyes, Karen lifted her shackled hands into view. She tugged them apart until the chain between them stretched taut. “Can’t they get a cab?”

“Dad hurt his foot. Something about falling on the stairs.”

“Shouldn’t he be in an ambulance, then?”

“That’s what I said, but Mum think he’s fine. You know what she’s like.”

“Too right I do. Did you know they were coming?”

“No, this is as much a surprise to me as it is you.” Dan reached through the cage bars and stroked her head. Before she could enjoy the sensation, he pulled away and retrieved his boxers from on top of a pillow. “No idea what she wants, but it’s better for all of us if I just go.”

“She can’t take a cab?”

He gave her a look. “You have met Mum, right?”

Karen glared at the floor. “Why does she have to spoil this? It’s been weeks since I had you all to myself.”

“What about Monday?”

“I said myself. I don’t want to share you with the rest of your library.”

Trousers next. He pulled them on and while pushing the belt back through the loops, gave her a lop-sided grin. “Come on, you loved it. Hannah and Rebecca did too.”

Staring at her fingernails, Karen tried to construct a response that fit. Several different ideas came to mind, but none of them felt particularly helpful. “I’m sure they did,” she said at last, “but I don’t see why it always has to be us and someone else.”

“It’s fun.”

“Yes, but-”

“What’s the problem then? It’s not like you don’t benefit from my Slave Library.” Dan began to search the floor. As he went, he stacked a pair of nipple clamps and two black floggers on the dresser. “All those pretty women….”

“What are you doing?”

“Key. You need to get dressed.”

Karen gave a sly smile. “You mean you don’t want your folks to see me in your favourite outfit?” She clattered the chain of the handcuffs and kicked her feet around until the spreader bar she wore clanged against the sides of the cage.

“I can’t think of anything more horrific.”

“I can.”

He chuckled. “I should spank you.”

“Please!” Said Karen. “I’m begging!”

“You’re in so much trouble when I get you out here.” He picked up a last coil of rope and tossed it on the bed. A cloud crossed his face. “Oh.”

“What now? They don’t want to stay the night, do they?”

He faced her. “Yes, but that’s not it. Remember how we used to joke about how long you’d last in there just eating soup?”

Karen snorted. “I believe messing with my food is on the black list, Sir.”

“I know, but there’s a possibility we’re about to find out anyway.”

“The key?” Karen’s mouth dropped open. She scrambled to the end of the cage and shoved her fingers through the gaps. “You’ve not?”

Dan nodded.

“Where’s the spare?”

“I’m not sure.”

“You’re not-” A cold bead of sweat trickled down Karen’s spine. “How can you not be sure?”

He shrugged. “It used to be in this little cup here and now it isn’t.

“How the hell do I get out without the key?”

How indeed, Karen. Mwa ha ha ha ha haha ah aha hahaaa!

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8 Responses to Slippers & Chains Excerpt #AtoZChallenge #AprilA2Z ‘S’

  1. Great writing. Nice to meet and connect through atozchallenge.


  2. Well, that’s one hell of an excerpt! I love he dialogue and I can just about imagine Karen’s expression at the end there. Good job. 🙂


    • Bwa ha ha ha h aha hahaa, thanks. ^_^

      For some reason – well, not ‘for some reason’ I suppose – people seem to really like this scene. That’s good as it’s right at the start of the novella!

      I think it sets the tone of the rest of the piece and I’m really looking forward to getting some comments back. Had some already, feeling quite positive about the rest.

      Thanks. x


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