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Guest Blog: The Release of Great Aunt Sally‚Äôs Meatloaf into The Universe

I’ve been doing a lot of baking recently. Lord knows why… cakes and mince pies and all sorts of things that makes any sort of weight-loss regime an impossibility to maintain. Hehee. But that ties in really nicely with today’s … Continue reading

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Mah Goals – wc 16/12

Raven is crazy. It makes sense – we do, after all, have the same views on these things :p – but explaining it to my family is taking some work. Another week another dime. Yet again, it’s another of those … Continue reading

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I’ve Decided… Something Slightly Crazy

I’ve had a great week. Über productive and filled with fun things. Getting work done at a fantastic rate and seeing work progress on the Meeting Each Other series that gives me warm fuzzy feelings as time goes on. 2014 … Continue reading

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Mah Goals – wc 09/12

It’s Monday again! Blimey that went fast. I don’t even feel my week touch the sides any more (yes, that’s a jumbled metaphor) I just blink and all seven days have gone. It’s been a bit of a weird week … Continue reading

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What’s Next?

Good question. Ileandra finished her NaNoWriMo at a speed I envy greatly. Not that I couldn’t write that many words in so short a time, but mainly that my pieces tend to run shorter and therefore don’t give me the … Continue reading

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