Mah Goals – wc 25/11

If one more person tells me it’s only a month until Christmas I’m going to totally nut them. -_-

angry green monster with teeth - from OpenClipArt

In case you’re wondering, yes, this IS my angry face.

I don’t hate Christmas, not like I used to. I just dislike the hype and commercialisation. However, since this is the second Christmas my boys will experience, and the first during which they will know something special is going on, I want to make sure it’s fun and memorable. More on that later. Waaaaaaaaaay later; it’s still freakin’ November.


I’ve had a reasonably enjoyable week. My main focus has been writing, but because of that I was able to share Friday’s news. I still have a spring in my step and a warmth in my heart. And… last night I managed to watch the 50th Anniversary episode of Dr Who without hearing/seeing any spoilers beforehand. So… There we are!

Finish SORB. It’s a stretching goal, but within what I’m capable of. I’m close enough to the end to do it. So long as I focus.
Yep. Sorted. I knew it was a stretching goal, but even with the extra chapters I had to add and the jiggling around I had to do, I made it. Bliss! The first time ever I’ve managed to actually write the novel in a month, rather thank just hitting the 50k target. Not that I want to belittle what anybody else has done – because it’s an amazing achievement – but I finished the draft. That was my goal. I’m happy.

Chase up models for ‘Carol, Niall & Lin’ cover shoot – so exciting!!!
This is done too. I ‘made my selections’ with Grace and now we’re just waiting for confirmation. Whoohoo!

This week, even though SORB is done, I still feel I should be using November to write. I have so many days left in which to achieve things, so I’m going to get a move on. Let’s see….

  • Draft and post blog entry for Phoenix Writer’s Subs Club
  • Continue first draft of ‘Bill’ that I started on Saturday
  • Edit contribution to anthology and decide which direction to take the ending (darker? lighter?)
  • Double check edits for ‘Carol, Niall & Lin’ and prepare to for proofing and formatting
  • Leave SORB alone! Don’t change it, don’t mess with it, nothing!
  • Edit ‘Send In The Clowns’ – I’ve not even told you about that one, have I? – in preparation for submission to Flash 500.

Hmm. Yeah. Done.

That should keep me busy and, of course, bring me neatly into December. I’m looking forward to getting into that and sticking a real pin in what I want to achieve for the end of this year.

I hope you guys are all well and that November has treated you well.

Oh… and BTW…winner header from NaNoWriMoI won NaNoWriMo 2013
It’s official now. ^_^

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