Bonus Blog: Books I Want To Read in 2012

Welcome to the fifth (I think) of my bonus blog entries for the this, the first week of 2012!

I’ve hinted that there were several things I wanted to be sure I did this year and you’ll be pleased to hear that thought hasn’t changed. There are sooooooo many books I want to read or re-read that part of me is looking forward to the maternity leave so I can stick my face in a book. Not that there’s going to be loads of time for that at first, but babies have got to sleep at some point, right? Right?!

Please say yes! *whimper*

Anyway, with the arrival of my Kindle (squee!!! – a post on that in later posts) getting hold of books I never would have thought to buy is going to be significantly more simple than it has been in the past. Possibly cheaper too. But book isn’t just about ebooks, its about paper books as well and even though last year, following Alt Fiction, I did a crazy amount of reading of new authors, I want to top that this year. At some point I’ll count up how many new authors I discovered last year, but for this year… I want to find 24.
That’s two each month.
I don’t care if they’re indie authors, self published, on small press or published through the big six… I just want to find 24 new authors that I’ve not read before and expand my reading repertoire even further. I am firmly of the believe that great writers are great readers. I want to be a great reader; so….

So… this month begins my journey!

My bookshelvesWith the help of my trusty Kindle and regular trips to Waterstones, I’m going to do me some reading!!! Hmm… guess I’m going to need a set of new book shelves after all. o.O

If you want specifics, then here are a few authors I’ve never read and feel guilty at admitting:
Robert Louis Stephenson
Lewis Carroll
Charles Dickens
Charlotte Brontë
Emily Brontë
Oscar Wilde
Victor Hugo
I know… hang my head in shame, right?

And some books that I am desperate to read before the year is out (if only just to see what the fuss is about):
Wuthering Heights
Game Of Thrones
The Picture Of Dorian Gray
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Jane Eyre
Oliver Twist
King Lear (I KNOW its a play… I’m still going to read it properly)

And as for books I would love to re-read….
The Iliad
A Brave New World
Pride And Prejudice
The Lord Of The Rings
Wheel Of Time Series (to date)
To name a few. Lol, there are more, though I would like to give this year over to new authors. That seems better.

So… even though it would be easy to meet that new author goal by just picking up 24 books I want to read that I’ve never read before, it would be too easy.

So, on top of the new author goal, I also want to read 24 books. And that is a separate goal and separate counter to the authors. I figure a rate of two books a month shouldn’t be too tricky. Lord, I hope I’m not setting myself up for a fall here. 🙂

Wish me luck!

Tomorrow’s post: Word Count Goal for 2012

About Ileandra Young

I'm a thirty-*mumbles* year old (purple loving, cheese worshipping) author of fantasy, juggling a pair of beautiful twin boys with my burning desire to make up stories and write them all down. When I get the chance, I play games, listen to music, and in days long past I even ran a radio show. Though I occasionally write non-fiction, my heart lives in fantasy and my debut novel, Silk Over Razor Blades is now available through Amazon along with part two of the trilogy, Walking The Razor's Edge.
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4 Responses to Bonus Blog: Books I Want To Read in 2012

  1. Maria says:

    Blimey! You’re going to be busy. I hope you manage it, I love reading, sadly I don’t do nearly as much these days.


    • 🙂
      I’m hoping to get through a fair amount before the mayhem begins and then afterwards when (if?) it calms down. I don’t know how well I’ll manage, but I’m incredibly keen to try.


      • Jaxtasha says:

        Hey chick, I have Frankenstein if you would like to borrow in real book. Or it is free on Kindle. I know our literary tastes can be quite different but I can recommend if you haven’t read them Lovecraft (I have the necronomicon) and lots of people I know don’t like these but I really enjoyed them Trudi Canavan’s Magicians Guild.


        • Aaaah, you know; I’ve been itching to get my hands on Trudi Canavan’s stuff for ages. I really like the covers! Not that that should be reason enough to buy a book, but I hear enough murmurings about that to want to have a read. And the Necronomicon…. I saw it in Waterstones the other day; leather bound, gold embossed. Nearly wet myself; looked beautiful!

          So yes… lol, I’ll happily take you up on both of those!

          When am I gonna see you next anyways? I need to sling a text your way. x


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