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RS: The ‘D’ In #BDSM – Part One, Discipline

I suppose it would be kind to leave a warning here before you start. Many, if not all, of the links (and pictures) in this series of posts are totally NSFW. If you want to have a look, do, by all … Continue reading

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Erotic Movies – (& I Haz Planz 17/07)

The line between erotic films and porn is so fine. I’ve talked about it often enough, but I thought I should look a bit more into what other people think. What is it that makes a film erotic, rather than … Continue reading

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What Films Can Do…

I found this post in my ‘drafts’ folder and felt a pang of shock when I realised that it’s a year old. I haven’t sat on my yoga ball since I was pregnant, so it must be almost year to … Continue reading

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